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TBB - Episode 16 - Cycling Ukraine [06:06]
Doing alternate bike touring, by going super light weight and combining bushcraft to integrate myself into the countries as much as possible. This video follows my ride through Ukraine, Im now doing these in parts as people have asked for more detail. All video is edited and shot on my iPhone 4s using iMovie. All power is generated on my bike using a dynamo. Should you have a questions please email and I'll answer them in the show.
Tags: Ukraine, cycling, bike, bushcraft, potholes, touring, holiday

Charitable Christmas Bazaar Sets Holiday Mood in Ukraine [05:17]
Kyiv, December 5, 2011. The 19th Holiday Bazaar organized by the International Women's Club of Kyiv took place in the Ukrainian capital on December 3, 2011. Over 15000 people and 38 foreign embassies participated in the event. The main purpose of the Bazaar was to raise charitable funds for the needy women, children, disabled and elderly people of Ukraine.
Tags: Charity, Ukraine, kyiv, Christmas, Bazaar

Discovering Winter Wonderland 2012 in Western Ukraine's City of Lviv [04:17]
Lviv, December 30, 2011. A fairy tale that comes to life during the New Year and Christmas holidays takes place in the Ukrainian cultural capital, a western Ukrainian city of Lviv. Christmas fairs scattered all around the old downtown square offer everything from sparkly Christmas tree decorations to the finest local confectionary that simply melts on one's tongue.
Tags: lviv, ukraine, wonderland, Christmas 2012

Christmas in Lviv (+Timelapse) [02:15]
Shchedryk (Carol of the Bells) is the most known ukranian folk song in the world. Arranged by Mykola Leontovych and premiered in 1916 in Kiev. Later adapted as Carol of the Bells by ethnic Ukrainian Peter J. Wilhousky for the US radio station NBC. Shchedryk comes from the word generous, kind. Great holiday Great city Great song Created by Oleg Finger & Olena Finger Music performed by Duet Pysanka "Щедрик" - наиболее известная украинская народная песня в мире. Обработана Николаем Леонтовичем и впервые исполнена в Киеве в 1916 году. Позже адаптирована как Carol of the Bells (Рождественская колядка) этническим украинцем Питером Вильховским для американской радиостанции NBC. "Щедрик" происходит от слов "щедрый", "добрый".
Tags: Lviv, Ukraine, Christmas, Youtube, Timelapse, Time, lapse, Львів, Львов, Різдво, Рождество, Таймлапс, foto, animation, Kiev, Kyiv, Live

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