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Holiday. Miss Teen Ukraine [17:28]
видеомонтаж: Евгений Козюков

Landing in Ukraine: The Vacation Begins [00:54]
We arrive in Ukraine.. So much more stuff to come. Music, all rights to their rightful owner. Get the track here! :
Tags: Ukraine (Country), vacation, boeing, 767, 300, Airport, Summer, Holiday, Camping, Adventure, Fun, Tourism (Industry), Weekend, Action

2012-Yalta [03:24]
Yalta is in Crimea Ukraine and a popular beach destination for tourism in summer.
Tags: Yalta, yalta Ukraine, Yalta conference, yalta crimea, crimea, crimea ukraine, travel, toruism, beach, holiday, traveling, russia, black sea, black sea coast, nature, fun, eastern europe

EURO 2012 in Kyiv: Who was Grushevsky? [01:06]
Welcome to Ukraine to enjoy EURO-2012 ! Do you enjoy to watch all football matches? Did you walk around the center in Kyiev-city? BUT you don't speak Ukrainian or Russian? No problem!!! Don't worry, be happy !!! :):):) Do you speak English? Good! It' enough for your communication and travel around ! But, of course, if you have English-speaking Guide! We will help you! Sorry but 95 % of Ukrainian people DOES NOT SPEAK English! BUT our English-speaking interpreter and Travel Guide will help you! Do you want to enjoy travel tours around Kyiv-city to see historical places, Museums, ancient Cathedrals, Monasteries and Churches, art exhibitions, Ukrainian art, folklore and dances, and all other sightseeings? Ukrainians are happy about their INDEPENDENCE! So far, we will tell you interesting stories about Ukrainian Cossacks and their military leader Hetman Bogdan Khmel'nitskiy and other Cossacks-Hetmans! Did you know that Vikings (Skandinavians!!!) were real ancestors of Ukrainian-Kyiv-Rus' Grand Princes? We will tell you the stories of the Golden Gates monument in Kyiv (Kiev) and Kyiv-Rus' grand Princes! We will tell you more new interesting stories about historical places in Kyiv! Contact us: ufensia DOG (Kyiv) (Speak English, please): +38-(093)-595-1096
Tags: English, speak, language, Kiev, Kyiv, Ukraine, EURO, 2012, Ukrainian, help, volunteer, travel, interpreter, guide, assistance, service, translator, business, holiday, football, soccer, fan, museum, historical, history, Russia, England, Sweden, sport, Swed

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