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Eurasia trip Part 2.m4v [08:46]
Part 2 of Japan to England trip. Russia to Germany
Tags: Travel, Trans-siberian, Trains, Russia, Ukraine, Germany

Road Movie in Germany,Poland,Ukraine [05:31]
Road Movie in Germany,Poland,Ukraine
Tags: Road Movie in Germany, Poland, Ukraine, radiateur, 93

2011 in photos [06:49]
Every photo I took during 2011. Highlights include trips to Ukraine, Germany, Sweden & Iceland.
Tags: 2011, slideshow, Scotland, Ukraine, Germany, Sweden, Iceland, Cats, life, Europe, anotherview

NIGHT OF FIRE around Europe (August 2010) [03:30]
My friend Laura and I wanted to do an Inter-rail around Northern Europe, but I wanted it to be more special... Sorry about the quality, my camara is kinda old. Places we visited: Munich, Cologne, Kahl Main and Berlin in Germany; Copenhagen (Denmark); Oslo and the Fjords in Norway; Stockholm (Sweden); Helsinki (Finland), Tallinn (Estonia); and finaly I visited Kiev (Ukraine) without Laura. We have lived an awesome experience meeting people from Couchurfing and enjoying the countries we visited. I totally recomend living an experience like this. We are actually thinking about repeating this summer ^^ Thanks for watching!!
Tags: europe, europa, night, of, fire, couchsurfing, parapara, interrail, agosto, august, 2010, españa, spain, alemania, germany, dinamarca, denmark, noruega, norway, suecia, sweden, finlandia, finland, estonia, ucrania, ukraine, madrid, berlin, munich, coloni

Eurasia Overland 4 / 13 - Mit dem Korando von Südkorea nach Deutschland Ein Reisebericht [09:47]
Ein Mann, eine Mission, ein Auto Mit dem Korando von Südkorea nach Deutschland. Heimreise nach 8 Jahren in Südkorea durch Russlands Sibirien, vorbei am Baikal, über den Ural durch das korrupte Westrussland und die Ukraine, Polen und Deutschland. 16 Tage Eurasia Overland.
Tags: Winfried, Lorek, Kay, Groneberg, Calenglinnar, DJ, Lollo, Korando, Südkorea, Russland, Sibirien, Baikal, Ukraine, Eurasia, Overland, Reise, Reisebericht, Deutsche, Schule, Seoul, International, Heimreise, Polen, Deutschland, Casio, Exilim, Germany, Russi

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