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Movie "2012" - Ukraine [00:11]
2012 - disaster movie directed by Roland Emmerich and released in 2009. One of the main roles in episodes of Las Vegas destruction was played by Ukrainian ai...

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas 60-second "Vice & Virtue" TV commercial [01:04]
This is The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas' 60-second TV ad. The playful commercial is indicative of the brand's spirited outlook and will set a new benchmark by ...

Markus Schulz has a message for you... [00:31]
Markus Schulz ASOT 550 10 March 2012 LIVE IECKyiv Kiev Ukraineby croatiancop007 175973 views; 5628. Watch Later Hardwell On Air 101by robberthardwell 210910 views; 1501. Watch Later The Worlds Strictest Parents S01E01 Part 1 of 4by fadedgloryrevival 18491 views; 10117. Watch Later Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike Full set Live at Tomorrowland 2012by djelfen 1720757 views; 10248. Watch Later Markus Schulz djsounds Show 2013by pioneerdjsounds 156675 views; 1023. Watch Later ...

32.Insects in Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt by Entomologist in Ukraine (ENG) [11:41]
Entomologist Dr Viktor Fursov is talking about some common insects which are presented in the famous recreational and touristic area of Egypt: Sharm-el-Sheikh, the city for vacation of tourists all around the world. Many of tourists are Russian and Ukrainian, German and British. Did you see any insects in Sharm-el-Sheikh? Really? Where? Most of insects are killed by desinsectors who are trying to make white insecticidal smoke and spaying all around the palms and trees near the hotels daily. This smoke is disgasting! But... but... but... who survive? But many insects are still crawing, jumping and flying around. We noted these insects: 1) Dragonflies (Odonata) - flying around the pools and trees 2) Earwigs (Dermaptera) - crawing on the ground at the evening time 3) Flies - Muscidae, 4) Mosquitos - Culicidae (Diptera) 5) Praying mantids - cocoons of schubs - Mantoidea 6) Ants (Formicoidea) - crawling on trees and on the ground 7) Butterflies - Pieridae (Lepidoptera) - they are flying around 8) Butterflies - Tortricidae - leaf-rolling moths - caterpillars are hidden inside leaves of trees (Acacia) 9) parasitic ichneumonoid wasps - Apanteles sp. - Braconidae (Ichneumonoidea, Hymenoptera) - white cocoons are on Acacia leaves 10) parasitic chalcid wasps - Pteromalidae (Chalcidoidea, Hymenoptera) - parasitoids of Braconidae 11) Flower wasps - Tiphiidae - flying around the grass and searching for the prey, Scarabaeidae (Coleoptera) larvae. Adults are also flying around the ...

Planespotting | Takeoff Amsterdam Schiphol (EHAM/AMS) | 07th October 2012 [16:13]
Planespotting at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Takeoff from runway 36L (Polderbaan) Aircrafts in this video: ArkeFly (B737-800) Martinair/Safari Connection (B747-400) Corendon Dutch Airlines (b737-800) Transavia (B737-800) ULS Cargo (A300) Pegasus Airlines (B737-800) Norwegian Air Shuttle (B737-800) KLM (B737-700) KLM Cityhopper (F70) Royal Air Maroc (B737-700) Easyjet (A319) Icelandair (B757-200) Iran air (A300) KLM (B777) Delta (B767-300) Cyprus Airways (A320) China Airlines (b747-400) Turkish Airlines (b737-800) Ukraine International (b737-700) Vueling (A320) KLM (A330) Atlas Air (B747-400) Lufthansa (B737-300) China Southern (A330) KLM (McDonnell Douglas MD-11) Aer Lingus (A320) Cathay Pacific (B747-400) Transavia (B737-700) Corendon airlines / Detur paint (B737-800) Thanks for watching! Please Rate, Comment and Subscribe!! (Sorry for the wind going through my videos!)

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