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Сумы, ливень, потоп 16 июля 2012 / Ukraine, Sumy, flood shower 16 July 2012 [08:22]
Украина, Сумы, ливень, потоп 16 июля 2012 / Ukraine, Sumy, flood shower 16 July 2012.

Потоп в Кривом Роге 28 08 2012 (Flood in town 28.08.2012) [04:49]
Последствия сильного дождя утром 28.08.2012. Кривой Рог, ул.Космонавтов, подъем от гостиницы "Киев" к скоростному трамваю "Площадь Артема" и дальше к АШАНу п...

Chinese car QQ big flood in Nadvirna, Ukraine.avi [01:11]
This is incredible! June 25, 2008 was a big flood in Nadvirna, Ukraine ( near The Carpathian Mountains). I took out a wife with a child in Chinese cars. Half door was in the water, but we went without any problems! The Chinese have done! And thank God for this miracle! )))

Man Rescues Puppy in a Flood [02:04]
Ukraine Man Rescues Puppy in Flood.The water is murky and littered with debris, a pool of filth no one in their right mind would venture into. It's the result of heavy flooding in Ukraine that has wreaked havoc on the country over the last few weeks. Yet, this video shows a man inexplicably wading through the mess. It's possible he could have been left stranded and is trying to make his way to shore, but soon, we see this man is carrying something. He's sacrificed his own safety to help another survivor of the floods: a puppy. When the two make it to the shore, the pup can be heard whimpering, but thanks to this man, it's getting another shot at life.
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