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Donetsk Cafe.wmv [01:30] is a directory of Donetsk cafes. all you need to know about Ukraine you will find here
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Евро 2012 / Euro 2012 [01:01]
"High time to see Ukraine" "High time to see Ukraine" is a series of promotional spots that aim to represent Ukraine to European guests before coming football championship Euro-2012. "We have managed to embrace the great places of our wonderful motherland and we are glad to present several "pearls" to your high consideration. Large lengths of seas that burst upon your sight from the height of Cape Tarchankut, the Crimea. Peaks of the Carpathian mountain ranges that are reflected in the mirror surface of Synevir lake. The monumental city Kharkov with its symbol -- the extremely spacious Independence Square. The Lvov City Hall that cherishes the mystery of an ancient town. Horizonless fields that have been giving life for ages. Kamenets-Podolskiy castle with its walls that have passed through plenty of epochs and changes. Svyatogorskaya Laura as an embodiment of wisdom and faith. Donbass Arena is a true Ukrainian Coliseum and we know that this stadium will witness a lot of great conquests in future. Not to mention Kiev - the city that bears love of Ukrainian hearts. All these beauties are just a drop in the ocean of Ukrainian wonders. Thousands of amazing and unseen sights have been left behind the scenes. We love our country and with the genuine Ukrainian hospitality we say "Welcome!" to all guests of our country". Production Shootgroup The creative team: Director -- Yulian Ulybin DoP -- Yuriy Korol "High time to see Ukraine" "High time to see Ukraine ...
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Kolomeyka Kolomyjka The making of "Switch on Ukraine" Коломийка [05:13]
Switch on Ukraine is an advertisement being broadcast throughout Europe to promote tourism in 2012. An HD video of the ad is available on my channel. This clip shows some of the behind the scenes footage. I've added a soundtrack of the famous folk song and dance Kolomeyka, as song by the Lemko people from the Carpathians.
Tags: Euro 2012, Lemko, Rusyn, Kolomejka, Ukrainian, Kiev, Kiyiv, L'viv, L'vov, traditional, Donetsk, Odesa, Odessa, Kolomyjka, Ukraine (Country), Коломийка

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