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Airsoft is not just a game part 2 [09:44]
Airsoft game "104* 36 paralel" in ukranian desert in Kherson (Ukraine)

GOLF GOES AROUND trailer (movie comming soon) [03:45]
3 friends on the road trip through 13 countries with a 20 years old car. 18000 km of roads. (slovenia, croatia, serbia, macedonia, greece, turkey, iraq, iran, georgia, abhazia, russia, ukraine, hungary) Kamera: Anže Sever, Damjan Bonač, Žiga Turk Montaža: Anže Sever, Damjan Bonač, Žiga Turk Music: kaiser chiefs oh my god
Tags: road, trip, adveture, iraq, iran, georgia, volkswagen, golf, rally, mongol, ukraine, turkey, desert

-5_Russian Train || Trans-Mongolian-Train || Russia Overland Tours [02:42]
Welcome to The Original Russkie Vodka Railway Adventure! - iTUNES Podcast Serie - Silkroad Adventure visiting Chiva | Entdecke die Seidenstrasse - Usbekistan für Rucksackreisende | Bus-, Jeep- und Bahnreisen durch Usbekistan mit Jürgen Schreiter | Дискотека Vodkatrain | -- Follow the great Silkroad- and Vodkatrain-Adventures also on iTunes: We design and develop the individual and very special adventure tours and incentives for your company or your personal adventure trip. Our groups have "usually" a maximum size of not more than 8 -- 10 participants and all trips are provided with English speaking guides which usually speak at least one other language beside the country language we are travelling in. The range of our events reach from cultural, gourmet, sport to action and does not end just with surviving our adventure!!! You can combine different interests or just specialize in one theme, it all depends on your individual trip design and your budget. Accommodation is available from typical hotels of the region up to first class hotels such as four and five stars as well as mini hostels and home stays in local families. Our special is the well known ORIGINAL TRANS-SIBERIAN-RAILWAY Adventure, which we organized in Summer 2010 for an international group of not less than 97 participants. That was the largest Trans-Siberian-Train Excursion ever. More about this highlight in or press releases in this Blog. You find also press-reports in most online media if ...
Tags: Angeln Russland, China youtube, Desert Hunting, Fishing Russia, Fishing Russland, Hunting Mongolia, Hunting Russia, Hunting Russland, Jagen Russland, Mongolia youtube, Reisereport youtube, Russland in, Russland youtube, Russlandreisen, Sponsor

Pripyat shadow of Chernobyl [06:55]
Pictures do not belong to me! Nor does music! I took them mostly from deviantart and some from google. With all due respect towards the people that died there and suffered a sever injuries and deformations I think that is something awful,tragic and the worst thing that can happen to someone. Chernobyl disaster was one of the biggest and most tragic disasters in the history of the world. I feel nothing but sorry and sad about what happened there. Nuclear reactor 4 because of the human mistake blasted and left complete wasteland in the years to come. However 30 years later,Pripyat the name of the town next to Chernobyl now is deserted,still radioactive but much less than before and half ruined. Country Ukraine now opened the city for visitors. There are still rumors that some people live there or refused to leave but none of it is confirmed officially. Now Pripyat has a complete post-apocalyptic scenario behind itself. Paradise of misanthropy but with a tragic history. I myself am very fascinated by its looks now,it somehow remained as a museum of social architecture and the way of how people lived there back 30 years for it is untouched. As well it is called ghost town,"completly" deserted. I wish to visit it sometime and feel the atmosphere myself. Some of you might find the music unfitting but I choose it for one specific reason. It is quite artistic I have no other explanation lol no pun intended what so ever. Just check out Aggrotech,industrial iconography and music ...
Tags: chernobyl, pripyat, nuclear disaster, radioactive, radiation, ukraine, reactor, blow, blast, soviet union, abandoned, deserted, devastated, post apocalypse

KarpatyHD.wmv [03:37]
A beautiful song by Ruslana "Energy of Love" mixed up with the best memories of hikes in Ukrainian Carpathians. Credits to Nathalie and Yaroslav. Energy of Love by Ruslana Tears drop over the mountains, In the silence of deserts. I can't stop, Just can't stay, I keep walking away. None's here who can help me, Nothing's up there to change it. I could have stayed home, Could have come back, I wish I could stay, I walk away. Tears drop over the mountains, From the eyes of the sunset. I still feel your lips, Just can't forget, And there's no day, That I regret. Why do we have to take that? Where do we want to go now? I don't really know this, You can't really say, And I just keep waking far away. We can go all the way to nowhere, We can run anywhere we want to, We can say anything now, But we'll never walk from the energy of love.
Tags: Energy, Ukraine, Carpathian, Mountains, Ruslana

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