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A Yummy Odessa Food Tour with Olga: Kumanets [02:34]
Stop number two on our Odessa food tour was at the very atmospheric Kumanets Restaurant, a tourist favorite with wait staff dressed in traditional Ukrainian clothing, music playing, and gaily decorated. Olga ( had preordered two different kinds of dumplings; cherry and poppy seed. I had always considered dumplings to be an everyday food in Balkan countries and was surprised to hear that dumplings are usually served only on special occasions. Are you sick and tired of hearing me say, "Yummy" yet? No hungry after the appetizer plates at Sophie Cafe, Steve and I still managed to pack it down with extra sour cream on top. I could probably eat an entire bowl of sour cream singlehandedly, one of my favorites. Yes, the dumplings were very, very yummy...

Ukraine Crimea Sevastopol City Tour (украинский тур по севастопалю) [02:07]
sevastopol crimea ukraine holiday tour video - украинский тур по севастопалю

BB on FB #9 - Party like a Ukrainian! [17:50]
While y'all are holiday partying, this week we're gonna bring you back to the first leg of the BB 2k12 Summer Tour, Ukraine! It was the end of Workout-Fest 2012 and we just never wanted it to end, so we just kept it going till long after the competition had finished. We started doing doubles set on the spot and was a real blast! Was like a big party!!! Exclusive on stage footage courtesy of Max Boss.

SAMI - Znaczek ( instrumental ) - UKRAINA - 06.2011 [03:28]
Żółkiew koło Lwowa - urocza miejscowość koło Lwowa, znane historyczno-kulturalne centrum turystyczne Ukrainy uznawane za perłę renesansu w tym kraju. W XVII wieku Żółkiew była rezydencją polskiego króla Jana III Sobieskiego, aw XVII-XVIII stuleciach słynęła ze szkoły malarskiej oraz szkoły rzeźby w drewnie. Na niewielkim terytorium historycznego centrum, które od 1994 r. ma status Państwowego Historyczno-Architektonicznego Rezerwatu, dzisiaj znajduje się około 55 zabytków architektury, w tym o poziomie światowym. Zdjęcia z wycieczki w czerwcu 2011 r. wykonał syn Artur. Zhovkva near Lviv - a charming village near Lviv, famous historical and cultural tourist center of Ukraine, considered the pearl of the Renaissance in this country. In the seventeenth century was the residence of Zhovkva Polish king Jan III Sobieski in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries was famous for schools school of painting and sculpture in wood. The small territory of the historical center, which since 1994 has the status of the State Historical-Architectural Reserve, today there are around 55 monuments of architecture, including the global level. Photos from a trip in June 2011 made ​​a son Arthur. Tłumacz Google # Opis ze strony:

Dancing After Tikkun Klali In Uman 2012 [00:11]
Thousands Of Jews Dancing After Reciting Tikkun Klali In Uman, Ukraine On Sunday Erev Rosh Hashanah September 16th 2012.

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