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International Youth Camp in Ulm (English) [01:29]
During the International Danube Festival in Ulm and Neu-Ulm young people from the Danube countries meet in Ulm in the International Youth Camp where they get the chance to learn more about other countries and take part in several activities that foster their creativity and strengthens the tie of peace between different cultures.
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Festival Dances of the World Ignites a Flame of Cultural Enlightenment [04:08]
Kyiv, February 8, 2012. The audience was jam-packed and excited as ever to see the outstanding Ukrainian dancers and choreographers present their elements of dance in a splendid live Dances of the World presentation; this is the third time Kyiv hosts this event. Unique costumes, drums, finger chimes, and distinctive dance styles created a fusion of passion and culture, which represented traditional dances from Afghanistan, countries of Africa, Argentina, Brazil, China, France, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, India, Ireland, Korea, Russia, Spain, Ukraine, The United States and that's just to name a few. Video by Anriy Semenyuk, featuring Jessica Pacheco
Tags: Dances, Kyiv, Ukraine, Cultures

Il ya 5000 ans en Ukraine : enquête sur une civilisation [03:47]
La culture trypillienne, appelée également culture Cucuteni, âgée de 5000 ans, est considérée comme l'une des plus anciennes cultures d'Europe. Des archéologues ukrainiens célèbrent le 30ème anniversaire d'un site archéologique autour de grande fortifications tripolyes. Nos correspondants ont visité ces fouilles pour nous. Voyons ce reportage. Dès l'aube, les étudiants de l'académie Kiev-Mohyla sont sur le terrain. Armés de couteaux et de brosses, ils mettent en pratique ce qu'ils ont appris en archéologie. En déterrant progressivement cette structure ancienne, située dans la région Cherkassi, en Ukraine, les étudiants commencent à avoir une idée de la culture agricole antique.
Tags: 5000, ans, Ukraine, civilisation, enquête, culture, Cucuteni, Europe, archéologues, ukrainiens, site, grande, fortifications, tripolyes

Kyiv Arm Blanche and Sword Exhibition [01:58]
CHAN: Swords of all sorts from Japan, Ukraine, Turkey and many other nations are on display in Kiev, Ukraine. Some visitors even had the opportunity to try swinging them around. Our Ukrainian team brings us there. STORY: Nowadays many people think that the arm blanche sword is real art. An exhibition in Kiev helped them to prove it. The only way one person could describe the arm blanche was to quote a Chinese sage. [Ayan, Exhibition Attendee]: "The one who is able to fight is not aggressive. One who is able to kill would never vent anger." Sergey Rybchenko is retired and spends all his spare time making swords. His favorite kind is the Japanese samurai sword. He describes the process of forging the weapon. [Sergey Rybchenko, Sword Maker]: "A Japanese furnace was used only once. A bullion weighing about 2 tones was put in there. After that the stove was destroyed a new one would replace it. Japanese were separated from other civilizations on the island, so they didn't have any contacts with European or continental cultures and the way of development was also different." Also there were Ukrainian weapon masters who had their works on display. [Bogdan Popov, Blacksmith Ecologist]: "This hatchet for me is the element of the sculpture, it combines beauty and functionality. It dates from the Caucasian traditions in the seventh century BC." Alongside the blacksmiths were the work of sculptors. [Andrey Oziumenko, Sculptor]: "This is for beauty and decoration. It creates the mood ...
Tags: ntd, ntdtv, news, Swords, Japan, Ukraine, Turkey, exhibition, Kyiv, Kiev

Clark University International Gala 2010 - Ukraine [01:41]
Held each spring semester, the International Gala is a variety performance of traditional dances, music, song, and fashion from the many cultures represented within Clark's student body. It ends off with a beautiful flag ceremony representing the flags of all the countries represented at Clark. More than 2000 people attended last year, including students, alumni, family, faculty, administrative heads and staff, members of the Worcester community, and students from the surrounding schools and colleges. It is a free event open to all members of the Worcester and Clark community.
Tags: clark, university, international, gala, 2010, ukraine, dance

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