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World Festival Parade 2012 [31:37]
The parade of the World Festival 2012 held in Brunssum, Netherlands on Sunday 8th of July 2012.
Tags: world, festival, parade, brunssum, culture, history, folklore, song, dance, Bashkortostan, Belarus, Colombia, Congo, Costa, Rica, France, Israel, Italy, Kenia, Mexico, Netherlands, Niue, Pacifique, Ukraine, Slovenia, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Chechnia, Tur

Ancient Civilizations and Christianity on 2012 - End Times [06:13]
Included is a link of what ancient civilizations, Native Americans, Hindu religion and Buddhists feel is to occur in 2012. Christianity has similar views in Revelation including the strange sounds heard in Costa Rica, the Ukraine, and other places of the world. The Bible talks about the giants coming down from the heavens in Genesis. Does this coincide with the Annunaki coming through 3600 years later on Planet X/Nibiru having a counterclockwise orbit?
Tags: Annunaki, Giants, Genesis, Christians, Sumerians, Bible, Revelation, Strange, Sounds, in, World, Costa, Rica, Ukraine, Hopi, Dimensions, Aliens, Evil, Demons, Book Of Revelation, Earth, End Time, Spirit, portals, counterclockwise, orbit, Ufo, Space, Unive

Strange Sounds in Costa Rica and My Thoughts - Annunaki [09:20]
Seismologists ruled out ground movement in Costa Rica after strange sounds were heard. These sounds then were heard in the Ukraine and in Canada. I feel the West Coast will be next, especially Phoenix, AZ. I speculate that they are coming from UFOs and it's possible that aliens are among us right now. I will talk about the CDC and the Zombie Preparedness blog that was issued in July 2011. Could this be end times as mentioned in the Bible?
Tags: Strange, Sounds, Costa, Rica, Ukraine, Canada, West, Coast, Phoenix, Lights, UFO, Aliens, Annunaki, Nome, Alaske, The, Fourth, Kind, Abduction, Nuclear, Reactor, Sites, Israel, Cheyenne, Mountain, CO, Tectonic, Plates, Earth, Mia0899cs

Best of Dancing Thru Life [06:15]
Welcome to my latest dance video "Best of Dancing Thru Life." It took literally weeks to comb through hundreds of dance scenes from 21 YouTube videos and travels to 40 some odd countries to come up with this "Best of" piece. In this video, I dance atop a skyscraper, below water, with elephants, with a "real" dinosaur, I dance naked, dressed like a ship in the world's largest nighttime parade, and dance while skiing). And these are only 7 scenes out of 60 in this six minute fast moving video. I love when other people join me in the dance scenes, and you'll see lots of group action in this video. Sometimes I have to ask for them to join in, but often, they come to me asking to be in it! Some of these people didn't even know English, but we all know the international language of .... dance. But sadly, all good things must come to an end. Time to move onto something else. I hope you enjoy this last "Dancing Thru Life" video!
Tags: Dancing, Thru, Life, travel, dance, Bali, Indonesia, Disneyworld, Budapest, Hungary, Chernobyl, Kiev, Ukraine, Madagascar, Sydney, Australia, New Zealand, Zorbing, Cambodia, Angkor Wat, Chile, Costa Rica, Hanoi, Vietnam, Spain, Casablanca, Bora Bora, Cana

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