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Pripyat, Ukraine- The Ghost city [04:01]
A simple slideshow about Pripyat I decided to make. It's a sad story, many people died, and those affected by the enormous amounts of radiation are suffering all kinds of mutations, also don't forget the mental scars the tragedy left in the inhabitant's mind, they'll never go away... I do hope that this video makes us think about what we are doing to the world... Rate and Comment Please :) EDIT: lol, i just realized i forgot to convert 1 photo to black and white.. but oh well, never mind ...
Tags: FF7, anxious, heart, of, anxiety, nuclear, fallout, aftermath, pripyat, pripiat, ukraine, ucrania, russia, belarus, ghost, abandoned, desolate, forsaken, town, city, nobuo, uematsu, music, composer, games, cidade, abandonada, pessoas, radiacao, nociva, sa

Slavic capital [05:59]
Kasta Nashi lyudi remix DJ Miller and TOWNS in Europe ... Europe towns city Slavic capital union славянский союз Belarus Minsk Ukraine Kyiv Slovenia Ljubljana Slovakia Bratislava Serbia Belgrade Russia Moscow Poland Warsaw Montenegro Podgorica Macedonia Skopje Czech Republic Prague Croatia Zagreb Bulgaria Sofia Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo Kasta Nashi lyudi DJ Miller remix
Tags: Europe, towns, city, Slavic, capital, union, славянский, союз, Belarus, Minsk, Ukraine, Kyiv, Slovenia, Ljubljana, Slovakia, Bratislava, Serbia, Belgrade, Russia, Moscow, Poland, Warsaw, Montenegro, Podgorica, Macedonia, Skopje, Czech, Repub
The Cheapest Tickets to Eastern Europe, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, Chech Republic, Hungary,Germany, Portugal ,UK, France,Italy, Monaco, and the rest ... The Cheapest Tickets to Eastern Europe Bulgaria Romania Macedonia Russia Belarus Ukraine Slovakia Chech Republic Hungary
Tags: The, Cheapest, Tickets, to, Eastern, Europe, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, Chech, Republic, Hungary

geo genius europe
geografi ... geo genius geography europe map iceland norway sweden finland denmark germany netherlands belgium luxemburg france spain portugal ireland uk switzerland austria italy slovenia croatia bosnia serbia FYROM albania greece turkey bulgaria romania moldova ukraine belarus russia estonia latvia lithuania poland czech republic slovakia hungary
Tags: geo, genius, geography, europe, map, iceland, norway, sweden, finland, denmark, germany, netherlands, belgium, luxemburg, france, spain, portugal, ireland, uk, switzerland, austria, italy, slovenia, croatia, bosnia, serbia, FYROM, albania, greece, turkey,

Kiev Fire Fest 2009. Ajuna's performance.
The fire performance of Ajuna from Belarus, Minsk, at Kiev Fire Fest 2009, June 7 Выступление Аюны из Минска на киевском фестивале огня 2009, 7 июля ... Ukraine Kiev fire fest 2009 show Auna Ayuna Ajuna 3ajuna3 Minsk Belarus киевский фестиваль огня фаершоу Аюна Минск Беларусь
Tags: Ukraine, Kiev, fire, fest, 2009, show, Auna, Ayuna, Ajuna, 3ajuna3, Minsk, Belarus, киевский, фестиваль, огня, фаершоу, Аюна, Минск, Беларусь

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