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Ukrainian VDV, ВДВ - СИЛА! (2008) [04:18]
Подготовка к военному параду по случаю 17-й годовщины Независимости Украины. Принимает участие в подготовке, 25 отдельная Днепропетровская воздушно - десантная бригада. ... Ukraine Army Military Ukrainian VDV Airborne forces Desant Украина Армия ВДВ Воздушно-десантные войска
Tags: Ukraine, Army, Military, Ukrainian, VDV, Airborne, forces, Desant, Украина, Армия, ВДВ, Воздушно-десантные, войска

Chernobyl the danger zone.
:( rip chernobyl. music requiem for a dream ... chernobyl ukraine pripyat radiation biohazard kiev moscow russia 1986 powerplant soldiers army helicopters creepy omg evacuation travel CCCP USSR adventure tsjernobyl chernobil events ghost city ghosts paranormal
Tags: chernobyl, ukraine, pripyat, radiation, biohazard, kiev, moscow, russia, 1986, powerplant, soldiers, army, helicopters, creepy, omg, evacuation, travel, CCCP, USSR, adventure, tsjernobyl, chernobil, events, ghost, city, ghosts, paranormal

Russian Army Training
... Russian Soldiers Power Soviet Army Marine Specnaz VDV Airborne Victory NATO Nightmare Ukraine Belrus modern الجيش الروسي Russische Armee Ejército ruso ロシア軍 俄罗斯军队 俄羅斯軍隊 Esercito Russo best русская армия вв краповые береты спецназ победа солдаты офицеры чечня герои кошмар нато десант
Tags: Russian, Soldiers, Power, Soviet, Army, Marine, Specnaz, VDV, Airborne, Victory, NATO, Nightmare, Ukraine, Belrus, modern, الجيش, الروسي, Russische, Armee, Ejército, ruso, ロシア軍, 俄罗斯军队, 俄羅斯軍隊, Esercito, Russo, best,

Ukrainian Country & Western - Tragic Love Song
the army and then go off to die in waves, leaving their mourning families behind. It was explained to me that this is their version of the old country & western songs that Hank Williams sang, full of heartache and misfortune. The mood around the table changed visibly during this song. Also - bets on how big the blond guy is going to be in 10 years? We figured, based on current state, he'll be pushing four bills. ... Ukraine Kiev riverboat serenade "sad song" "tragic love" accordion kitsch ...
Tags: Ukraine, Kiev, riverboat, serenade, sad song, tragic love, accordion, kitsch, Russian

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