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Joe Satriani - Surfing with the alien [01:28]
Black Sea near Sevastopol Ukraineby Mikhail Bragin No views; 426. Watch Later Joe Satriani Surfing With The AlienCoverby xcorrupt90 15183 views; 032. Watch Later Joe Satriani Super Colossalby Mikhail Bragin No views; 321. Watch Later Joe Satriani Master ClassAlways With Me Always With Youby guitarcentertv 22368 views; 110. Watch Later Joe Satriani Time Machineby Mikhail Bragin 3 views; 404. Watch Later Joe Satriani Surfing With The Alien Live in Amsterdam 2012by Joe Satriani 2879 ...

How to cook Zaporozhye mulled wine. Запорожский глинтвейн во Львове. [05:35]
How to cook Zaporozhye mulled wine. Travel to Ukraine. Lviv, Cossacks prepare kutyu and mulled wine. Як приготувати Запорізький глінтвейн. Подорож по Україні. Лвів, Козаки готують кутю і глінтвейн. Cómo cocinar el vino caliente Zaporozhye. Viajes a Ucrania. Lviv, cosacos prepare kutyu y vino caliente. 如何煮扎波羅熱葡萄酒。前往烏克蘭。利沃夫,:哥薩克準備kutyu和熱葡萄酒。 Zaporozhye mulled 와인을 요리하는 방법. 우크라이나로의 여행. 리 비우, Cossacks 준비 'kutyu와 mulled 와인. Wie Zaporozhye Glühwein kochen. Reise in die Ukraine. Lviv, Kosaken prepare kutyu und Glühwein. Comment faire cuire Zaporozhye vin chaud. Voyage en Ukraine. Lviv, Cosaques prepare kutyu et vin chaud. कैसे Zaporozhye mulled शराब पकाने के लिए.यूक्रेन यात्रा करने के लिए. Lviv, Cossacks तैयार kutyu और mulled शराब. Zaporozhyeのホットワインを調理する方法。ウクライナへの旅。リヴィウ、コサック準備kutyuとグリューワイン。

Ancient Civilizations and Christianity on 2012 - End Times [06:13]
Included is a link of what ancient civilizations, Native Americans, Hindu religion and Buddhists feel is to occur in 2012. Christianity has similar views in Revelation including the strange sounds heard in Costa Rica, the Ukraine, and other places of the world. The Bible talks about the giants coming down from the heavens in Genesis. Does this coincide with the Annunaki coming through 3600 years later on Planet X/Nibiru having a counterclockwise orbit?
Tags: Annunaki, Giants, Genesis, Christians, Sumerians, Bible, Revelation, Strange, Sounds, in, World, Costa, Rica, Ukraine, Hopi, Dimensions, Aliens, Evil, Demons, Book Of Revelation, Earth, End Time, Spirit, portals, counterclockwise, orbit, Ufo, Space, Unive

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Combine Flights?