Local Television of Ukraine

Ukraine has a large audiovisual offering. With some 322 TV broadcasting stations and 590 cable TV companies in the Ukraine there is certainly no shortage of things to watch. Ukraine's three chief TV channels are “Inter”, “1+1” and “UT-1”. These three channels receive about 90% of profits brought in by advertising and are thus the most developed. Other channels that benefit from advertising profits include “Novyi Canal”, ICTV and STB. The TV system in the Ukraine is run by the National TV Company of the Ukraine (NTCU) as well as 26 regional TV/Radio institutions.

Ukraine's TV channel “1+1” is the largest private TV channel and the most popular. The channel broadcasts programs enjoyed by all members of the family as well as people from all backgrounds. This 24 hour channel has about 95% coverage and is found on UT-2. Channel UT-1 has the highest coverage with 98%. Programs transmitted by the NTCU can be viewed on UT-1 which broadcasts 19 hours each day. Ukrainian TV station “Inter” makes use of channel UT-3.

Russian channels such as ORT, NTV, TV-6 and RTR are broadcast on Ukrainian televisions through cable networks and satellite. Various areas of the country can also receive transmissions from Polish, Hungarian, Turkish and Hungarian TV. Cable and satellite also open up international channels such as Eurosport, CNN and BBC.


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Yulia - 2011-04-03 16:03:17

I would like to know if it is possible to receive Ukr tv in New Zealand please.
You can download programm Readon-TV. There is ukrainian channel

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Jackie - 2011-02-06 07:55:35

I would like to know if it is possible to receive Ukr tv in New Zealand please.

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