Discover the stunning city of Rivne

Rivne, also called Rovno, has a population of over 250,000 people, it is a provincial city and is also the capital of the Rivne Region of Ukraine.

The city was founded in 1283 and was known as a town of the "Halytsia-Volyn" Principality. The town was named this because of its position on the plane surface. It became a Polish town, after the Liublin Union of 1569. It was united with Russia in 1793 as part of the Left-Bank Ukraine. Then the town was under Polish rule from 1920 until 1939. The town was then united with Ukraine as part of the Western Ukraine and as the capital of the Rovno Region.

Rivne is one of Ukraine’s biggest industrial, cultural and educational centers. Its leading industries include machine engineering, large-panel construction and furniture-making. This city is home to three Institutes, theatres, the Philharmonic Society and the Museum of the Regional Studies, which includes the museum-reserve “The Cossack Graves”. “The Cossack Graves” are situated on the island of Zhuravlykha (Crane) in the riverhead of the Styr River. This museum was built in 1966 in honour of the Cossacks who fell in action in the battle of Berestechko during the Liberation War of the Ukrainian people in 1648 to 1653. It includes the Temple-monument and the wooden church which was built in 1650.

The Rivne Region includes 15 districts, 10 towns, 18 settlements and over a 1000 villages. It also has some very interesting and historical architecture which includes the Assumption church with the bell tower located in the city of Rivne.


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kenny gulakow - 2011-01-24 05:07:38

looking forolha chizhik (nee gulakow) family or reletives or

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мона - 2010-11-29 18:30:51

мне 24, я люблю спорт, у меня есть кот, люблю петь , люблю есть, смотрю папеных дочек.

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Ukrainain - 2010-05-26 23:13:29

Nice to see such objective comments about our town. Rivne isn't large, but it have beautiful nature around. I think that our country must be interesting to your tourists.

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