Ostroh - Town of Education and Revival

The town of Ostroh is situated next to the Horyn River, in the Rivne Oblast. At present, the population of the town is estimated at approximately 14,800 residents and is a town that was built on the foundation of education and growth. Ostroh was first mentioned in the year 1100 when it consisted of a fortress, but only started to flourish as a town from the 14th century.

From the 14th century, the year 1386 to be exact, Ostroh fell under the rule of the Ostrogski family who were very influential and extremely powerful. It was during this time that the Ostrog Bible and East Slavic book were printed in this town. The Ostroh Press that printed these documents was established by Prince Ostroski in the year 1578. The Ostrog Bible, underwritten by the Prince, is still the most exquisite print example of that time period. It is also known that Ostroh had quite a large Jewish community; amongst them was Soloman Luria and Samuel Edels. The Ostrogski Family was also responsible for the construction of the Ostroski Castle on Red Hill and the 15th century Epiphany Church, located in the town.

Soon, this small town in the Rivne Oblast became a significant center in Ukraine in regard to culture, politics and education. The Ostrogski family also built the Slavic-Greek-Latin Academy in the year 1576, which is known today as the Ostroh Academy. The beautiful towers and Cathedrals that still grace the town were all built under the rule of the Ostrogski family. Their influence and vision created and built a foundation for the town. By the 17th century the Ostrogski family had faded into extinction and the town was passed on to the Lubomirski princes.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, the town of Ostroh was on the decline, but not the spirit and determination of the locals. They are honest, hardworking and enthusiastic people, and the town was able to keep its head above water. But in the year 2000, 900 years after the founding date of Ostroh, the Ostroh Academy was given national status, which means it is now known as the National University of Ostroh Academy. It has breathed new life into this quaint town with students enrolling from across the country. New life means a new beginning and a brighter future.


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