Local Newspapers of Ukraine

Worldwide, newspapers are an important form of mass media. Newspapers in Ukraine are a vital method of transmitting up-to-date information and news to the entire populace. From Russian to English newspapers in Ukraine, there are over 2,500 to choose from, as well as more than 1,000 magazines. The Ukrainian press has experienced great reforms since independence and today freedom of press is very evident in the country.

Following independence in Ukraine the national newspapers as well as journalists were situated in Moscow, thus Ukraine had to quickly develop its own printed press. Due to several factors such as lack of financing and political influence several Ukrainian newspapers arose only to disappear after a few years. However, from 1999 the circulation of the print media in Ukraine began to improve. Between 1995 and 1996 a few of Ukraine's major newspapers were brought into print and have remained popular till today. From 1998 to 1999 several large national tabloids were created and are still being widely distributed.

Newspapers in Ukraine have taken on a more western-style approach. Local newspapers experience greater circulation than national publications as they are more traditional and provide local residents with pertinent news. Unfortunately local/national Ukrainian newspapers have been battling to increase circulation due to the high cost of paper as well as taxation. Thus newspapers produced locally are often more expensive than those printed in Russia and transported into the country. However, newspapers in Ukraine remain a popular way to keep informed.

Below is a list of available Newspapers in Ukraine. This list includes English newspapers in Ukraine.

Berdyansk Delovoy
Fakty i Kommentarii
Press Centr
Bereq Nadiy
Kafa News
Bospor Crimea
Vyecherny Kharkov
15 Minut Kiev
2000 Kiev
Delo Kiev
Gazeta 24
Komsomolskaya Pravda Ukraine
Kyiv Post
Novini Ukraini
Rabochaya Gazeta
Ukrainian Journal
Ukrainska Pravda
Uryadovy Kuryer
Vechirniy Vesti
Zerkalo Nedeli
Programa ta Novyny
Simya i Dim
Lvivska Gazeta
Vysokye Zamok
Sevastopolskaya Gazeta
Krymska Svitlytsia
Transcarpathian Reporter


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