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Egos are a problem in international relations, Coverage of Finsbury mosque attack was a rarity, Why American voters don?t care about the Russia investigation, The world must act against the root cause of global famine, A Catch-22 for Australia?s refugees

?Qatar is finding itself still isolated from the other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries...,? writes Richard Miller. ?The timing came right after a visit to the Saudi kingdom by U.S. President Donald Trump when he ... assured [King Salman] of a new American approach ... [in] dealings for their ally.... This century has seen a worldwide resurgence of egos on the international stage.... President Paul Kagame put things into perspective when he stated: ?There are African leaders who have the dangerous habit of leading their people into an abyss?. ?For Muslims who live in and around Finsbury Park, the attack was not a surprise,? writes Rafia Zakaria.

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Facts can help remove the political bull?s-eye currently painted on Jared Kushner and others for talking with the Russians. If mistakes of protocol were made, then they should be brought to light and we should move on.

A former exec at Trader Joe?s grows another kind of grocery store

Mr. Rauch worked for 31 years at Trader Joe?s, the last 14 as a president. It took a few tries, but after a while, he started growing another food store ? Daily Table, located in a low-income neighborhood of Boston. ?I failed retirement,? says Rauch, his eyes crinkling when he smiles.

Law made in secret? That's not what makes health-care bill unusual

The Senate Republican health care bill was drafted behind closed doors. At the opening of the 1787 Constitutional Convention delegates voted to keep their proceedings secret. This doesn?t mean the 2017 process that produced the Senate?s proposed health care legislation was business as usual.

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