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As Hillary Clinton hovers, are Democrats moving on?

In some ways, the Democrats are on a roll. First, they beat expectations by easily winning the Virginia governorship earlier this month and nearly taking over the state legislature?s lower house. Now they have a shot at claiming a much more improbable prize: a US Senate seat in a special election Dec. 12 in deep-red Alabama, following allegations of sexual misconduct by Republican candidate Roy Moore.

Time to tally up Africa?s progress in governance

One charge thrown at President Robert Mugabe as he faces impeachment in Zimbabwe is that ?he can hear the voices of the people, but is refusing to listen.? In Africa?s long journey toward democracy, one sign of success is when a ruler?s own party demands such accountability. Zimbabwe?s progress on that point is a mark of hope for the continent. Overall, Africa is doing better on the quality of its governance, according to a Nov. 20 report by the Mo Ibrahim Foundation.

Amongst Bedouins, modern life blunts demand for ancient daggers

Nawwaf Khazaeeya lives each day on a knife?s edge.

A steady forward march for captive elephants

When Ulara Nakagawa saw the 69-year-old elephant Hanako at Tokyo?s Inokashira Park Zoo in 2015, she knew she had to do something. Nakagawa started an online petition to send Hanako to an elephant sanctuary. Nakagawa started the organization Elephants in Japan in Hanako?s honor to improve elephants? lives.

Combine Flights?