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Amazon?s 50,000 new jobs? Why some cities don?t play tax-break game

In early September Ron Nirenberg was one of the hundred-plus city mayors who felt their ears prick up when online retail giant Amazon announced its desire to set up a second headquarters outside of its Seattle home. Attracting large companies to an area has long been viewed as a golden ticket to economic prosperity ? such deals have ticked up in frequency and cost since the Great Recession ? and Amazon?s ?HQ2? project is the latest and shiniest of those. Recommended: How much do you know about Texas?

How Steve Bannon?s ?war? on GOP establishment could help Trump now

Steve Bannon?s declaration of ?war? on the GOP establishment has certainly raised eyebrows ? and raised hackles within the Republican Party. Mr. Bannon, President Trump?s former chief strategist, is targeting most incumbent GOP senators up for reelection next year, and recruiting primary challengers in his own (and Mr. Trump?s) populist, nationalist image.

In Turkish move into Syria, a sign of how Russia is shaping the country

For most of the Syrian civil war, there have been two constants of Turkish policy: support for opposition forces seeking the removal of President Bashar al-Assad, and concern about the growing strength of the Kurds in northern Syria, whom Ankara regards as a direct threat. The move put Turkish forces in close proximity of the Kurdish enclave of Afrin, home to a Syrian Kurdish faction, the Democratic Union Party, whose military wing the US has armed.

Moscow gets a much needed facelift. But is it worth the cost?

Moscow is a city that's notorious for its grand, overpowering architecture. Ever since the Bolsheviks opted to move the capital here from St. Petersburg following the 1917 Revolution, Moscow has been the canvas for successive Communist leaders to impose their own visions of what the ?capital of world socialism? should look like ? often by ripping down some of the city's oldest neighborhoods.

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