Radekhiv - Explore the Estate of Count Stanislaw Badeni

Radekhiv has a population of approximately 9,500 people, and is located in the Lviv Oblast of Ukraine. It has recently become a popular tourist destination that offers visitors tours of their most noteworthy Ukrainian attractions and has a vast variety of hotels and accommodation available. One of the sights in Radekhiv, that should not be missed, is the Stone Synagogue that was constructed during the 17th century.

Near the Radekhiv stream, lies the spectacular estate of Count Stanislaw Badeni. This immaculate piece of land boasts nearly two-hundred and sixty-six green pastures, fifty-seven gardens (of which some are meadows), woods and many acres of cultivated land. The smaller estate has much the same attributes as the major estate, just on a smaller scale, but just as impressive and just as beautiful. Radekhiv was home to approximately three and a half thousand people, of all different religions, in the 1880’s. The Roman Catholic Church, which is located here, was erected in 1775 by Jozef Count Mier and consecrated in the year 1828. Interestingly, Radekhiv was once the property of the Lazczes, but it was the Miers that erected a breathtaking palace in the city.

Many talented and famous people originated from this small city in the Lviv Region, or spent their childhood here. One of them was the late Ihor Bilozir. Known nationally as a musical genius, composer and artist, Bilozir was born in Radekhiv on 24 March 1955. Tragically, his life ended in a café in Lviv on 28 May 2000. An altercation erupted in violence, when youths attacked Bilozir and his friends for singing traditional Ukrainian songs. Another composer born in Radekhiv in the year 1938 is Virko Baley. Also,well-known Canadian left wing activist for Ukraine, Peter Krawchuk attended after-school activities at a local high school here until the year 1926. A mystery that haunts Radekhiv still is the unanswered disappearance of local reporter, Vasyl Hrysyuk who has not been seen since 2003.

But over and above the unsolved mysteries, beautiful landscapes and fascinating sights, Radekhiv is a city that has many more treasures to share with visitors. It is a city that has combined history, culture, tradition, modernization and art. A destination that has an ever-growing tourist industry, as the streams, windmills, fields and estates attract more visitors each year.


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