Fastiv - City of Art and Industry

The city of Fastiv is situated in the Kiev Oblast of Ukraine. It has a population of approximately 50 000 residents. It also boasts one of the largest and most significant railway stations in Ukraine. Fastiv shares its history with the rule of the Cossacks and the wars that ensued which destroyed most of the city and left very few sights and attractions from that era. But, as with many towns, villages and cities in the Kiev region, Fastiv resettled and rebuilt itself to what is seen today.

Of the few attractions and sights of historical value that remain in the city, be sure to visit the Pokrovska Tsekva. It was constructed in the 17th century, and as expected, the church was named after Semen Paliy, one of the Cossack rulers. Another noteworthy church to visit is the 20th century Catholic Church.

Fastiv is a great contributor to the chemical industry in Ukraine. It produces caustic soda, coke products, fertilizers, petrochemicals and sulfuric acid. Industrial plants that manufacture these products are only found in Fastiv, Sumy, Kiev and Korosten. The Obolon Brewery is also located in Fastiv and visitors are welcome to join a tour of the factory and even taste a little of their products. It is also the only brewery in Ukraine that produces wheat beer.

With Fastiv being such an important role player in the Ukrainian industries, it is important to have a reliable transportation system. The largest elektrichka depot and station of the Ukrzaliznytsia is located in Fastiv. It provides many locals with employment and much needed transport. Tickets for the trains are very affordable and run on routes that are 100 kilometers, with many stops along the way. The different lengths of the routes determine the amount of stops along the way, and the level of comfort of the trains. Most might not be the most comfortable train trip visitors will experience, but for the price, it is a bargain.

Fastiv has also been influenced by the Ukrainian art culture, in some aspects. One of Ukraine's most celebrated sculptors, Svitlana Karunska, was born here in 1968. She Exhibits her work both in Ukraine and internationally. The Fastiv School of Native Art was established by Lubov Sannikova. He is a Ukrainian philosopher of culture and an author. Visitors to this city will have a host of activities to enjoy and to keep them occupied.


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