Izyum - A Destination of Historic Significance and Mountainous Splendor

The town of Izyum, or Izium, is located to the southeastern side of the Kharkiv Oblast, on the banks of the Isiumets and Siverskyi Donets Rivers. As with most of the towns in the Kharkiv Region, Izyum was utilized as a fortification during the 16th century. Due to its location on the rivers, its name adequately derives from a word that means "crossing place" or "ferry", namely ‘Uzun’. Documents show that there have been settlers in this area since 1571, but its status as a city, and therefore its founding date, became 1639.

The Cossacks took control of Izyum between the years of 1688 to 1766, during a time when most of the Kharkiv Region was under their rule. It is known that up until 1680, the town was named Izyumsky, and in that same year the fortress was constructed. From those years, the town of Izyum has grown to approximately 64 000 residents and is an important railway and industrial center. Both the cities of Luhansk and Kharkiv are connected to Izyum by rail, and the town also has a workshop for railroad repairs and maintenance. The industrial sector of Izyum produces optical equipment, it has brickworks and even a local brewery. In total, there are about three-hundred firms that are privately owned and approximately twenty large enterprises. These businesses and enterprises are assisted by the local insurance company and no less than five banking institutions.

Mount Kremenets can be reached from Izyum, and is the highest peak in the region at a height of 218 meters. It is not only a Ukrainian mountain that overflows with spectacular natural vegetation, but has historical significance attached to it. It is believed that an old minstrels' song, in the Russian literature, refers to the ‘Izyumsky Pass’. If so, it will be the exact location where Prince Igor marched his army in the year 1185 to face the Poloutsi. It was also crossed or circled by the raging Tatar on their plundering quests.

Visitors to Izyum should not forget to go past the Savior’s Transfiguration Cathedral that was constructed in the year 1684. The cathedral was built in the distinct Baroque style complete with five domes. In 1902 the cathedral had restoration work done, as well as in 1955. To view beautiful examples of Neoclassical style structures, the St Nicholas Church, built between the year 1809 to 1823, and the Ascension Churches of 1819 to 1821, are not to be missed.

Izyum is a wonderful town, located in the breathtaking beauty of the Kharkiv Region. It is a town that visitors will enjoy exploring and will be able to discover something new and interesting every day.


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