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There are a few Ukrainian health spas worth considering if you are planning a trip to this wonderful country. A mixture of traditional natural treatments with modern scientific knowledge, the few sanatoriums or health spa resorts available in Ukraine provide great service at even better prices.

The two most popular Ukraine health spas are Morshyn and Truskavets. Morshyn is a regional health spa and the focus is warm and friendly personalized attention. Staff can speak both Ukrainian and Russian and facilities may be seen as being somewhat old. Truskaets is larger and has a more international flavor, but its prices are somewhat higher than those charged by Morshyn. Both Ukrainian spas offer mud baths, natural springs, specialized diets, physical exercise, massages, Jacuzzis, etc. When converted and compared to local spas, visitors usually find that Ukraine's spas are very reasonable and affordable. To add to this, the staff numbers are quite large, so you will be able to enjoy great personal attention. You may find that you will need an invite to be able to enjoy the services of a Ukrainian spa, but these are easy enough to obtain. Simply write to one of the spas and you will soon have an invitation to enjoy the many relaxing luxuries that these spas have to offer.

It is wise to remember that Ukraine is still recovering from difficult political and financial times. Privatization is slow and funding is scarce. While this may mean you’ll pay far less at a Ukrainian health spa than you would at home, it also means that the facilities may seem to be a little rundown. However, you can be sure that looks are deceptive and that while the spas may not be shining and bright, their services are definitely worth more than gold.


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Team - 2011-05-16 08:44:29

Thank you for visiting and posting your comments. @Capt Mike, We'd appreciate hearing about your experience in the Crimea.

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Capt Mick - 2011-05-15 23:11:43

There are some decent Spas in the Crimea. I visited one in Evpatoria, but there are also some more expensive facilities in Yalta.

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Ernie Fossa - 2011-03-25 19:53:58

I'm looking to travel to Ukraine this Spring and I would like to stay at a first class Spa. can you recommend a few? Thank you

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