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Ukraine, a fascinating country with a wealth of attractions, is sadly lacking when it comes to golf courses. In fact, you will find just one major golf course in the whole of the country, aside from minor golf courses attached to larger hotels. However, various projects have been put in place to create more golf courses in Ukraine. Golf courses are important as they can bring investment into the country. Golfing facilities are used extensively by businesspeople, official figures and other VIPs. Golf is a social sport and it is often between holes that business deals and investments are discussed.

Golden Gate Golf Club in the stunning Koncha Zaspa area has recently developed an 18-hole golf course, the first in Ukraine. When the resort is fully completed, it will also have the following facilities: driving range, putting green, clubhouse, tennis courts, swimming pool, bars, river beach patch, health club, outdoor theater, hotel and villas. Be sure to pay a visit to this fantastic new golf course in Ukraine.

Many other golfing resorts and estates are in the pipeline. Planned facilities for these venues include 18-hole golf courses, driving ranges, pitch and put courses, housing, hotels, bars, sport facilities, golf clubhouses, yacht clubs, pro-shops, equestrian centers and so forth.

Visitors to Ukraine can look forward to many more golfing opportunities in the future. These are set to improve the country's economy and provide tourists with even more activities to enjoy. In the mean time, check out the Golden Gate Golf Club golf course in Ukraine


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Grafton L Sterling - 2011-01-20 00:52:02

Does anyone have current information about golf course's in Odessa Ukraine?

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John Wilkinson - 2011-01-18 10:31:02

Hi I would appreciate any info or contacts with a view to developing a golf project in Ukraine

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Ron Lange - 2009-12-28 04:13:08

Hi, Kak Dela? It was interesting to read about the potential of golfing in Ukraine.Lots of your information is outdated as president Kuchma is long gone.You should update to tell us what golf courses have been completed and are being played on.I am a die hard golfer.I live in western part of Canada,most of the time we can play all year round if we want.I spent a lot of my time in Zhitomir this past fall.Which golf course is closest to Zhitomir?Otherwise I love your country.The food and the people are great. My father was born in Ukraine,forced to flee in 1943 to Germany.I am the first to be back in over 63 years.Keep up the good work. Do Pobachennja Roni Lange

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