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How could does it get in the winter?

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Old 2nd August 2000, 18:30
Anucia Anucia is offline
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If I visit in the winter months how cold would it be? I know it depends on the location, but how about an average....what to pack if you have never been before? (other than clothes)...a given.

PS...I meant cold...not could in the subject....oops!

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Old 13th August 2000, 16:15
singleinwiusa singleinwiusa is offline
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I have been to Mariupol in the dead of winter and it was cold. Cold enough that most of my clothes were sweaters and turtle necks besides my winter coat. When we did get snow, it usualy melted the next day or so, but plan on taking warm clothes, not shorts or a bikini
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Old 14th August 2000, 05:05
steve_vlasenko steve_vlasenko is offline
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Hi Anucia,

It get 'bloody' cold!!!!!

I only really know Kyiv in winter and boy does it get cold. I was there on the coldest day on record in 1994 and all the brass monkeys were locked up!!!
The air glitters with the moisture in your breath, it's a truly breath taking experience. However, you get used to it very quickly and as long as you've got your thermals on, the weather isn't too much of an encumbrance.

One of the most beautiful sights in the world is looking over city centre Kyiv when the sun is up, there's not a cloud in the sky and everything cover in frost and snow. It brings a lump to my throat remembering.

Take care.


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Old 27th August 2000, 19:11
Anucia Anucia is offline
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Thank you for that mental picture. I can just picture how beautiful it would look. Fortunately, I am a person who loves the cold. I am a Fall and Winter girl. I hope one day to see this view you described.

To everyone else, thank you for the advice.

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Old 12th September 2000, 07:30
LippyChick LippyChick is offline
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Until the bars got toilets, Ukraine was an absolute nightmare.
Try to imagine going to the toilet in the street when the temperature in -25! It's tough for a man, but for a woman! oi! Sometimes my bottoms goes numb just at the thought of it.

If you visit Kyiv now you will not have the pleasure of experiencing it, which is a shame really, because you would have always had something to talk to an English person about.

How cold? your pee is frozen before you've tucked yourself in

When it's this cold walking around Hidro Park is an experience not to be missed
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