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Ukrainian Pope

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Old 19th February 2005, 10:03
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Hello !

Was there a Ukrainian Pope ? And if so what was his name and where was he from ?

Thank you
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Old 23rd March 2005, 23:34
I_Love_Ukraine I_Love_Ukraine is offline
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There was never a Ukrainian pope. All previouse popes were Italian except for the current pope (John Paul II) who is Polish. I am not sure but many people believe that his mother was Ukrainian.
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Old 24th March 2005, 10:06
andrewblow andrewblow is offline
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I . L . U

Welcome from England.

I have been to Ukraine for 10 years now and return again in 4 weeks. I know the city of Chernovtsy <Chernivsti>(Bukovina Region) well.

I enjoy your posts - feel free to talk and don't let anyone upset you.

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Old 25th March 2005, 19:22
DigitaLVampirE DigitaLVampirE is offline
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Welcome I_Love_Ukraine...

Actually there have been non-Italian popes throughout history. Here are just some of the lists:

Pope Saint Evaristus (97A.D - 105A.D): The "Liber Pontificalis" (Book of Popes) states that he had a Hellenic family (Greek) and a son of a Bethlehem Jew.

Pope Saint Telesphorus (125A.D - 136A.D): Greece.

Pope Saint Hyginus (138A.D - 142A.D): Greece.

Pope Saint Anicetus (155(6)A.D - 166(7)A.D): Syria.

Pope Saint Eleutherius (175A.D - 189A.D): From Nicopolis in Epirus (Greece).

Pope Saint Victor I (189A.D - 199A.D): North Africa.

Pope Saint Anterus (235A.D - 236A.D): Greece.

Pope Saint Caius (283A.D - 296A.D): Dalmatia, Croatia.

Pope Saint Eusebius (309A.D - Reigned for only 4 months): Greece.

Pope Saint Miltiades/Melchiades (310(11)A.D - 314A.D): North Africa.

Pope Saint Damasus I (366A.D - 384A.D): Spain.

Pope Saint Zosimus (417A.D - 418A.D): Greece.

Pope Saint Gelasius I (492A.D - 496A.D): North Africa.

Pope John IV (640A.D - 642A.D): Dalmatia, Croatia.

Pope Theodore I (642A.D - 649A.D): (Greek) Jerusalem.

Pope John V ((685A.D - 686A.D): Antioch, Syria.

Pope John VI (701A.D - 705A.D): (A Greek) Origin unclear.

Pope John VII (705A.D - 707A.D): (A Greek) Origin unclear.

Pope Sisinnius (708A.D - Possibiliy the shortest reign in history (only 3 weeks; afflicted with gout): Syria.

Pope Constantine (708A.D - 715A.D): Syria.

Pope Saint Gregory III (731A.D - 741A.D): Syria.

Pope Gregory V (996A.D - 999A.D): (A German), Saxony, Germany.

Pope Clement II (1046A.D - 1047A.D) (A German), Saxony, Germany.

Pope Damasus II (1048 - Reigned for 23 days; victim of malaria): (A German), Bavaria.

Pope Victor II (1055A.D - 1057A.D): Germany.

Pope Nicholas II (1058A.D - 1061A.D): Burgundy, France.

Pope Urban II (1088A.D - 1099A.D): France.

Pope Gelasius II (1118A.D - 1119A.D): Cluny, France.

Pope Callistus II (1119A.D - 1124A.D): Burgundy, France.

Pope (H)Adrian IV (1154A.D - 1159A.D): England.
(The only English Pope in history)

Pope Urban IV (1261A.D - 1264A.D): Troyes, France.

Pope Clement IV (1265A.D - 1268A.D): Saint-Gilles, France.

Pope Innocent V (Elected 21 January - 22 June 1276A.D): Tarentaise, France.

Pope John XXI (XX) (1276A.D - 1277A.D): Portugal.

Pope Martin IV (1281A.D - 1285A.D): Touraine, France.

Pope Clement V (1305A.D - 1314A.D): Gascony, France.

Pope John XXII (1316 - 1334): Cahors, France.

Pope Benedict XII (1334A.D and 1335A.D - 1342A.D): France.

Pope Clement VI (1342A.D - 1352A.D): France.

Pope Innocent VI (1352A.D - 1362A.D): Limoges, France.

Pope Urban V (1362A.D - 1370A.D): Languedoc, France.

Pope Gregory XI (1370A.D and 1371A.D - 1378A.D): Limoges, France.

Pope Callistus III (1455A.D - 1458A.D): Valencia, Spain.

Pope Alexander VI (1492A.D - 1503A.D): Xativa, Spain.

Pope Adrian VI (1522A.D - 1523A.D): Utrecht, Germany.
(Last non-Italian Pope until Pope John Paul II)

PS: JBNUSA: I could not find any Ukrainian pope as of yet.

(Sources borrowed mostly from: Catholic Encylopedia)

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Old 26th March 2005, 15:43
I_Love_Ukraine I_Love_Ukraine is offline
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IS there any chance that there can be a ukrainian pope due to the fact that Ukraines most dominant religions are Ukrainian Orthodox and Ukrainian (Greek) Catholic? Can there be a UKrainian Orthodox or Ukrainian Catholic Pope???
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Old 27th March 2005, 13:07
theja theja is offline
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My guess is a big no. I think the Popeship will remain a European enterprise for hundreds of years if the Lord tarries. My opinion does not matter anyway since I am not a Roman Catholic, so take it easy.

You will notice that all the non-Italian Popes were/are still of European descent. After Peter (Jew), all the listed Popes are Caucasian.

One can safely say that the first 10000 plus Christians were Jews before there ever was a Gentile convert--- and they were the ones who spread the Gospel to Gentiles throughout the Roman empire. John (writer of John and Revelation) was alive till 96-99 AD, and was recognised as the leader of Christians in Asia minor. Peter died in 64-65 AD. It is interesting to note that Linus is listed as Pope after Peter.

After the collosal defeat of Rome in 410 AD, Augustine wrote the brilliant classic "The City of God" to partly answer the charges by pagans that Christianity brought this fall on the Roman empire. Unfortunately he also inserted the doctrine of "Replacement theology" that teaches that the Church has replaced Israel.

Later on it was the ignorant Christians who blamed the Jews for deicide (killing God, Jesus) and treated them worse than dogs in many ways. They were mistreated and persecuted for many centuries by so-called Christians. No wonder many Jews refused to acknowledge or even read the New Testament to this day. So we have works to do in this particular area.

The spiritual heritage of Jews and Gentiles became one in Christ, but as a people (race), Jews still have a purpose in God's plan.

[Edited by theja on 27th March 2005 at 20:22]
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Old 16th May 2005, 06:35
Petro_moskal Petro_moskal is offline
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There are few Catholics in Ukraine (about 10%), so Ukraine is definitely pretty low on the list for papal candidacies. I'm not even sure if there is a Ukrainian cardinal (although I think there is one in L'viv).
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