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Inform napalm about putin’s ultimatum, or “the ss-26 are still laughing”

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Old 10th February 2015, 05:45
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Originally Posted by AkMike View Post
But despite your links I know for a fact that most of UA is united against Russian invasion. Yes there are some of the young that want the freedom but are afraid to help pay the price for it.

I can't understand her rants simply because she speaks so quickly for me. I assume that you understood her. I'll get my wife to watch and paraphrase it for me later. Have you ever been to any part of the FSU?
AkMike, I already assume most are against Russian invasion, and I take your word for it, you would know better than me.

I have to admit that I as an outsider have no clue as to what percentage of Ukrainians aren't willing to fight and die for Ukraine in this current conflict. Supposedly many men have fled to Russia, Poland, Hungary etc., lest they have to go into the army and face potential slaughter by the current superior east Ukrainian military technology.

And no, I as a Polish American have only been to Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic. I've never been to FSU, so I can't claim any first hand credibility, but I had a lot of Uke friends growing up in Pennsylvania.

To go back to my earlier comments, I as an American don't want to be drawn into a direct war with Russia. That does not mean I am anti Ukraine, it means I don't believe it's worth the price.
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Old 10th February 2015, 06:24
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If the shoe was on the other foot and Poland was under the gun would you be willing to say the same thing? Poland's not worth the effort or price?

Almost all Ukrainians are against the invasion and want the freedom of the west as long as someone else does the real work for them. Few realize that freedom is paid for with blood.
Yes some have ran away. But most are willing to go in the army for the years worth of service.

IF the US or others will give UA enough aid with real up to date arms they can hold their own and drive Russia out of UA. Krym might be a problem for the international court to sort out. But now they need help.
Personally I've already given several thousand to help them.

Two soldiers of the Donbas Battalion gave me this as a thank you. I treasure it.
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Old 11th February 2015, 03:01
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The people suffering here (apart from soldiers who shouldn't die either because they are simply protecting their land) are innocent civilians. It's not unlike Russia to squash any number of civilians just to get their way, they are irrelevant numbers in Putin's mind.

New video: Artillery Strike Caught on Dash Cam - Kramatorsk
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Old 11th February 2015, 03:11
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Wow! Until the mortar blast in the road, I was amazed at the smooth road..

I bet that the mortar left a large pothole!

Retirement sucks! You never get a day off!!!
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