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Darco 1st March 2014 12:48

What now?
Putin takes control over Crimea
West does nothing.
Governement has not enough money, not enough army and probably structure good enough.
Doing noting means loosing Crimea, east part of country, maybe even freedom.
Borders problem like in Georgia or Moldavia = to be ever in the EU is completely impossible and additional economic problems
War against Putin means the same but earlier.

Inga Ukraine 1st March 2014 14:45

Inga Ukraine 1st March 2014 14:50

They are waiting for something they don't want to execute the script written by Russia because it looks like the same script they used in Abkhazia, Ossetia. They want blood and our reaction. Well, nobody is going to give them our territory but we are not playing their games. They forget that Ukrainians have experience in the conduct of the Civil War

Inga Ukraine 1st March 2014 15:18

I am listening State Duma conference live. They have chosen to lead troops officially. There are 143 000 soldiers on our territory now

stepanstas 2nd March 2014 02:48

The West knows that this cannot be resolved. Resolving this means full scale war with Russia. As little as the U.S. is doing, they are leading, the rest of the world is draggins its feet.

I watched the United Nations emergency meeting today. The Ukrainian representative did a good job. The Russian representative acted like a scum. We sit and wait. Obama spet 90 minutes on the phone with Putin, what came out of that is completely unknown. Though I sence the call went in Putin's favor because Russia reported the call first.

Darco 2nd March 2014 10:54

I think that most of EU and Obama just behave like a group of idiots.
They support Putin to build north stream and south stream and incorporate him in G8 and other organisations.
Like they couldn't understand anything.
Another issue is that US and GB should support Ukraine military because of 1994 pact.
Theirs words are worthless.
So do you think that in such a situation fighting is worse than not fighting?

Darco 2nd March 2014 12:03

I am worried that you have to fight against Russia anyways.
Another possibility is to loose control over the entire country.

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