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"Smart Money" rule of Governments

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Old 20th January 2011, 17:24
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In Britain, activists are internet blogging, producing video clips, protest demos, small venue meetings in an attempt to gain public support to their cause.
Their cause is simple, they want the current (ConDem) British government to take action against cited massive tax evation by the mega global corporations and their oligarch owners. This government, like other western governments, and like the previous British government are all failing to take any meaninful measures against them.
The reasons why governments will not take such action I have already mentioned in previous posts here.

Julian Assange the WikiLeaks founder has been given bank data about 2000 super rich individuals, who it is said have tax dodged or money laundered their plunder into offshore bank accounts. I believe that Julian Assange will not release this information in any great hurry.
If this information has the power to seriously damage the oligarchy, with significant detail about where the money is coming from, and particularly of any dubious indirect payments that find their way into global politicians or party funds, the impact will be immense. It will prove far more damaging to the status quo than any other WikiLeak so far.
In view of the fact that Julian Assange is under arrest in Britain, awaiting possible extradition to Sweden, and then possible extradition to the USA, I do not believe he will release anything earth shattering. If I was him, I would sit on the most damaging data as an insurance policy ("give me a tough time and I'll give you a tougher time").
Government ministers are not normally fine upstanding people of impeccable behaviour. They will negociate the most distasteful resolution bearing in mind "their countries best interests".

Please see;-
Banking whistleblower hands over offshore secrets to WikiLeaks - video | Media | guardian.co.uk

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Old 20th January 2011, 21:51
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Gotno... it isn`t just activists it is also the unions.. I am an RMT member and they are supporting the protests... I beleive we must let this condem lot know they really have no mandate!!!
John 3/16
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Old 1st February 2011, 13:29
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Bribery within big business

We can only guess about how many big business deals, especially to African and Asian regimes are connected to giving an official with a big say in the contract procurement a "bung" to seal the deal.
This is especially true of defence equipment sales, not only between European suppliers, but undoubtably amongst Russain and other suppliers also.

British firms face bribery blacklist, warns corruption watchdog | Business | The Guardian
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Old 9th February 2011, 12:57
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Anti "Smart Money" reaction amongst Europeans

The volume of protests against big business tax evasion through "off shoring" is gradually building momentum. Although of course not apparent in the "Smart Money" controlled popular media, I am starting to find more and more websites dedicated to this cause. What is pleasing to note is that it's not just "leftie" and trade union union sponsored sites, but religious and charitable organisations that are coming forward.
This is text from a Eurpean coallition website:-

French President Nicolas Sarkozy faces a global campaign demanding that the G20 commits to ending tax haven secrecy when it meets in Cannes, France later this year.
Organisations behind the campaign, which was launched at the World Social Forum in Dakar today, include Christian Aid, ActionAid, Tax Justice Network Africa and Inspiraction (Spain).
By visiting the websites of participating agencies, those wanting to add their voices will be able to email President Sarkozy, who is this year’s G20 host, as well as other G20 leaders, demanding that effective action to end tax haven secrecy is firmly on the G20 agenda.
‘We hope many thousands of campaigners will demand an end to the huge suffering which tax haven secrecy currently causes, especially in developing countries,’ said Dr David McNair, Senior Economic Justice Adviser at Christian Aid.
‘G20 countries between them have the power to force tax havens to stop keeping the secrets of people and companies who dodge tax, pay or receive bribes and launder money.’
Tax dodging by some unscrupulous companies operating internationally costs developing countries more than they receive in aid. Christian Aid estimates this to be around US$160bn each year – money which should be funding schools, hospitals and other vital public services.
Chris Jordan, Tax Justice Campaigner at ActionAid, said: ‘Removing the secrecy havens offer would make tax dodging dramatically more difficult and enable governments in poorer countries to determine just how much they are losing by way of tax revenues, and take the appropriate action.’
Visitors to End Tax Haven Secrecy will be able to send the following message to Nicolas Sarkozy, David Cameron and Nick Clegg:
‘Please take effective action on tax haven secrecy at the G20 in November 2011.
‘Global tax losses amount to over a hundred billion dollars per year at a time when the global financial crisis has prompted severe cuts in states’ budgets around the world.
‘Developing countries lose more to tax dodging each year than they receive in aid.
‘The G20 nations must take action now to end this injustice by agreeing on measures to end tax haven secrecy.
‘I call upon you to show global leadership in 2011.’
The full list of organisations involved in the campaign is: Christian Aid (UK), Tax Justice Network Africa, Tax Justice Network (UK), Global Financial Integrity (US), Inspiraction (Spain), Action Aid (UK), Oxfam International, CCFD Terre Solidaire (France), CRBM (Italy) and Eurodad (a coalition of European organisations).
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Old 18th February 2011, 12:47
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International Action at G20 Conference

I picked this press release up on a British website and was surprised to see the extent of this international action, none of which is getting any airing by the mainstream broadcasters:-

Worldwide campaign for higher taxes on finance sector targets British, French and German finance ministers As finance ministers from the G20 nations prepare to gather in Paris tomorrow (Friday), supporters in 25 countries backing a financial transactions tax (FTT) are planning a global day of action today (Thursday) to increase pressure on governments around the world to sign up for a Robin Hood Tax on the banks.
Campaigners from several thousand unions, environmental and development organisations across all five continents will be bidding to make a global financial transactions tax a reality to meet the costs of the global financial crisis and tackle poverty and climate change at home and abroad, by targeting the embassies of the French, German and UK governments.
TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said: "With France running the G20, we have our best chance yet to persuade governments that the time has finally come to tax the banks more fairly. "Public pressure around the world has put a Robin Hood Tax on the G20 agenda.
The finance ministers gathering in Paris must make serious progress. "Governments must show they're serious about making the banks - the sector most responsible for the damage caused to the world's economy - pay their fair share.
A tax on the banks could raise $400 billion globally - money which could prevent the need for such devastating cuts to public spending, generate resources to combat the worst effects of climate change, and help in the fight against poverty.
Jeremy Hobbs, Oxfam International Executive Director, said: "Banks bear a huge responsibility for the economic crisis so it is only fair that they pay their share of the clean-up costs. An FTT is a practical and popular way of helping the millions of people forced into poverty by mistakes made by some of the richest people on the planet." The global day of action is taking place in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Burkina Faso, Brazil, Canada, the Democratic Republic of Congo, France, Germany, Ghana, Italy, Japan, Malawi, Mali, Mexico, Nepal, the Netherlands, Norway, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, Spain, the UK and the USA. Highlights include: * Activists dressed in Robin Hood outfits will be gathering outside the French, German and UK embassies in Malawi and Nepal, and in Strasbourg, a group of 13 MEPs will be gathering outside the Parliament to pose with a giant green arrow.* In London, pensioners, public sector workers, students, and unemployed people affected by the UK government's spending cuts yesterday joined campaigners dressed as Robin Hood to hand a giant 'final demand' notice into a number of banks with branches in Victoria Street, Westminster. Similar stunts simultaneously took place in Glasgow, Cardiff, Portsmouth, Bristol, Hereford and Wilmslow.
Campaigners in Spain are bringing out Robin Hoods in 18 cities across the country including Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia, Granada, Cordoba, Pamplona, Palma de Mallorca, and Toledo. At the French Embassy in Madrid, a band of merry men wearing t-shirts with the logo of the campaign are delivering a large 1.5 metre arrow to the French ambassador with a message to the G20 that a Robin Hood Tax of just 0.05 per cent could change the world.* In Germany, the band of merry men and women will visit the Spanish, Italian, British and South African embassies in stereotype national outfits and drop a letter to the ambassador. In the afternoon, they will approach the Berlinale Film Palace in a stretch limo and attempt to strut down the red carpet as they call for a Robin Hood Tax
In Senegal, campaigners are delivering three giant arrows signed by hundreds of people who attended the recent World Social Forum in Dakar calling for immediate action on the banks.*
French Robin Hoods are putting on a theatrical performance outside the old stock exchange building in Paris, which will include a band of musical merry men. In Italy another theatre-style production will see ordinary workers struggling to free themselves from the grip of a banker before Robin Hood arrives to save them.
NOTES TO EDITORS: - Both France and Germany are keen to move ahead with a coalition of the willing on a financial transactions tax. During its time at the head of the G20, France is keen to garner as much support as possible from developing nations to put pressure on richer countries to bring in a financial transactions tax (also known as the Robin Hood Tax) to help in the fight against global poverty and prevent the need for massive cuts in public spending. UK embassies are also being targeted because the UK government is widely seen as currently stopping progress.- Tomorrow in the United States, Congressman Pete Stark is introducing legislation in Congress to institute a financial transactions tax in the United States. Half of the proceeds would go toward domestic spending, half would go toward international efforts on health care and climate change.- Photos and video shot by the campaigners and press photographers from around the world is available at:

Today a global petition is being launched on multiple campaigning websites within the 25 countries. People can sign up to see a global financial transactions tax by visiting:

Une taxe sur les transactions financières ! -

Robin Hood Tax | Robin Hood Tax
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Old 20th February 2011, 14:10
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Protesters acknowledged by the Media

After several weeks of protesting by activist groups against the large retail and banking organisations who are evading tax by "offshoring", the British media yesterday officially recognised that such protest were happening. Could it be that the policy of pretending that the protest were not happening was becoming undeniable? Was it that the British government where about to become embarrased resulting from their statements to those Arab countries experiencing "People Power" revolution?

The British Prime Minister and the Foreign Secretary have boldy told the Arab countries that they should not have their security forces enact hostile acts of force against peaceful ptotests by their people, and have asked for openess and dialougue in these countries. How strange therefore that within Britain during this period there was a lack of openess in the reporting of almost daily protests against corporate tax dodging. That there were arrests and injuries to the protesters, including burns from Police pepper spray. Only on the internet was this information readily available.

I believe that the British government realised that there was an element of two faced double standards developing that meant they reluctantly have to allow a limited release of news concerning the growing displeasure amongst British youth in particular about what is happening in their country.

Please see:- Daily Star: Simply The Best 7 Days A Week :: News :: Public 2 - Robbers 0
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Old 26th February 2011, 15:54
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Americans awakened to the "Smart Money" reality

In response to the British government's austerity measures, that are about to drastically reduce social, educational and health budgets, whilst previously government bailed out bankers continue to award themselves high bonuses, an activist organisation was born. It is called UK Uncut. It has gathered momentum that has caused bank branches to temporarily stop business. It has also caused disruption in retail stores and offices of companies involved in UK tax avoidance.

These internet promoted campaigns have now motivated US citizens to empathise with their cause, and have started their own campaign named US Uncut. The British Guardian newspaper reports the following:-

"According to the activist group US Uncut, nearly two-thirds of US corporations and 68% of foreign firms operating in the US pay no income tax. A study from the non-partisan US Government Accountability Office found that 83 of the top 100 publicly traded corporations in the US use corporate tax havens to minimise their tax bills".

For more see:- UK Uncut inspires US groups to attack cuts and tax avoidance | UK news | The Guardian
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