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"Smart Money" rule of Governments

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Old 24th November 2017, 13:45
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Was I really living in La La Land?

I started this thread and others of a similar theme back in 2010 in which I focussed upon big business tax evasion and the practice of off shore bank accounts. It was a source of argument with some of the web site subscribers (where are they now?) who perceived me to be too socialist at that time. However, the recent Panama Papers and Paradise Papers plus other less publicised disclosures have confirmed everything that I was writing long ago.

In another thread I wrote about the USA's massive trade deficit with China and how it would bring the US economy into indebtedness and ultimate collapse unless remedied. This has now become the mantra of Donald Trump who coincidentally quotes much the same comment as I was writing more than 7 years ago.

Given that much of which I have previously written within this website has come to pass I am going to stick my neck out a little now. I believe that in March of next year the Kremlin will ensure that Vladimir Putin will win once again the Presidential election. If this happens I believe that as spring turns to summer in Russia there will be growing unrest with protest marches and arrests leading to even greater protests. I believe that 2018 could be a big year for Russian history, but the end outcome is too unpredictable to anticipate.

As the Brexit date becomes closer for the UK to divorce from the European Union I believe that uncertainty in the future will cause the financial markets to run amok as they seek to come out any potential outcome with the usual profits.
The EU is squeezing the UK to get as large as possible divorce cash settlement before they will enter into any future trade agreements. The EU has insatiable spending needs and knows that without UK's future membership payments it has a massive shortfall in its budget.
The EU has won the support of the newer former communist states with generous development grants and if it cannot maintain this generosity in the coming years these states might quickly lose their love of the European Union. The EU is already becoming tainted by its determination to thrust upon them what EU says should be their share of asylum seeking migrants.

2018 will see have my 74th birthday and I believe that the year has every prospect of becoming perhaps the most dynamic year politically within my lifetime.
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