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USA - Losing its Global Influence

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Old 21st January 2017, 16:14
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Can Trump Deliver

I watched the Trump presidential inauguration over satellite TV with a certain disbelief that this man had actually managed to become the President of the United States. What perplexes me most is that a man who is a billionaire and is part of the "Smart Money" that has so successfully enriched themselves whilst the working man has become poorer is considered a good option. Trump a man who has allegedly ducked, dived and connived in business deals to get where he is (sometimes leaving creditors unpaid thus driving them into bankruptcy) is deemed likely to protect everman's interests. Trump has also refused to publish his revenue tax returns that could demonstrate his tax avoidance. Indeed, this election seems to have the same logic as Ukrainians voting for Yanukovych.

Bernie Sanders, the candidate that opposed such self serving, tax avoiding big business in favour of the man in the street was quickly dismissed, yet he has a much longer record in standing up for Mr Average and correctly identifies the USA's trading relationship with China as being part of USA's ills.
Corporate USA.jpg
Trump correctly identifies USA's relationship with China as being part of USA's ills, yet it was his own big business community more than the government that created this situation. But here I must agree with Trump because he mirrors my own thoughts that I wrote on this website back in 2010:
China has gained its power over the USA economy through the massive trade imbalance that the USA has with them. Many USA business owners have been gradually closing the production of completed manufactured goods or components the USA. They have sourced chinese products at cheaper cost and have only partially passed this cost benefit onto the consumer. Thus the personal wealth of these business owners has rapidly grown (the Smart Money syndrome). The USA and many other countries have been increasingly purchasing their own own unemployment and economic decline.
If the the buyers of those goods were buying the produce from their local economies it becomes a cash carousel. However when you have a situation like the USA buying goods from China, and China buys less than one tenth of this value of goods from the USA, you clearly have an imbalance of funds. On the upside, much industrial pollution and requirement for people to work in the most mundane repetitive jobs have been transferred elsewhere. You know what the downside is!

It is difficult to see how Trump can regenerate the lost "rustbelt" industries unless he bans all cheap Asian imports that make home production viable. He has set the jumping hurdle high by declaring he will clear up the "carnage" he is inheriting.

However, as a Brit who has developed a strong relationship with Ukraine my greatest concern is about his future relationship with Putin and of his disrespect for NATO. As I have Tweeted on several occasions "Only those who have felt the impact of Putin's sponsored guns understand the threat Russia poses".
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