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Lugansk supporting EU trade Demo!

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Old 24th November 2013, 18:24
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Lugansk supporting EU trade Demo!

in many Ukrainian cities protest demos were being held to indicate popular support for the Ukraine - EU trade deal that has been under negotiation, but seemingly about to be abandoned by President Yanukovych.

People in Lugansk were asked to assemble at 12:00 noon Sunday to support continuation of the EU trade deal, but to only bring Ukraine and EU flags only,NOT party flags. However you will see from the photos that this request was not adhered to. I estimate that only around 300+ persons attended, which is unimpressive considering Lugansk's 435,000 or so population.

Larger numbers were reported to have turned out in other cities cities (see URL below below).






Ukrainian protesters flood Kiev after president pulls out of EU deal | World news | theguardian.com
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Old 24th November 2013, 21:06
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Gotno is Russia who holds Ukraine and Ukraine will be indebted for many years to come thanks to its gas dependency not Roshen. Yanukovich just handed out the last piece of Ukraine to Russia. Does that make you happy?
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Old 25th November 2013, 19:30
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It doesn't make me happy that Ukraine seems somewhat divided on this matter. Whilst many seek greater unity with the European Union, many Ukrainian's do not. It is this disunity that gives the kind of government that Ukraine currently has, to continue its business through the principal of divide and rule. A system that British governments have exploited throughout history.

I am pleased to inform you however that Ukrainian TV channels are showing the protests openly on TV. This is more than I can say for the British TV media that have consistently non, or under reported significant demos involving large numbers of political protests recently within the UK. The BBC even failed to report a large demo outside of its own doorstep of protests against them for non reporting. However, they are very good at reporting demos going on in Ukraine!
BBC News - Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych calls for calm
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Old 28th November 2013, 14:35
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Ukrainian's want closer relations with the EU!

Ukrainians have been out in the streets protesting about President Yanakovych and his Party of the Regions for backing away from the likelihood of the President signing a future trade agreement at Vilinius with the European Union. In recent days I have been asked by English speaking Ukrainians what was my view on the subject of Ukraine's closer relationship with the EU. They were incredibly surprised when I said that I felt that they were about to embrace a political organisation that were no more accountable to the people that they are supposed to represent than most of those politicians within their own government.

I felt that when I told them about EU corruption, the fact that EU accounts have not been reconciled for 18 or more years. That writing to MEPs was a complete waste of time, that the elite unelected top EU politicians earned more than President O'Bama and Angela Merkel of Germany etc, it was passing like water off of a duck's back. They really didn't want to believe what I was saying.

It is clear to me that they have looked over the border at their neighbours in Poland and have seen how they have benefitted from joining the EU. EU development grants, plus the many receipts from Polish people working within the EU have significantly enhanced the Polish economy. What Ukrainians don't understand is that the intended trade deal is just that, not full EU membership or anything like it. It will not change Ukraine's present demise overnight, but could cause problems to local producers by a flood of cheaper goods. It will not remove current visa restrictions, but I concede would be the beginning of perhaps greater things several years down the line.

Why would anybody in their right mind, who is suffering under poor political governance want to tie themselves to another lot of politicians even more remote and as ineffectual as their own. It would seem to me that Ukrainians should strive to eliminate tiers of bureaucracy not increase it.

It is interesting to note that enthusiasm for being in the EU is greater in the former communist controlled countries than with the northern European ones. Probably because they pay much more into EU coffers and get less back than the new arrival members pro-rata.

I would like to see an independent Ukraine able to do what its people should fight for, a Ukraine free from being dictated to by anybody.
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Old 2nd December 2013, 11:00
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Further protests in Lugansk

Following President Yanukovich's refusal to sign the European Union "Association Agreement" in Vilnius there were continued protest demonstrations in Lugansk over the weekend. However,the number of protesters were insignificant compared to the thousands currently assembled in Kiev.

I have locally advised the Lugansk protester's website that whilst I sympathize with their desire to bring about political change in their country, I believe their expectation of salvation coming from the elite policrats of Brussels would lead to numerous degrees of disappointment. I was given the same advice as the shown in the photograph, but with the appropriate name change.

However, it was refreshing to see an article in the Guardian newspaper by Marina Lewycka who's views are very similar to my own.

Optimistic young Ukrainians look to Europe. I wish them luck | Marina Lewycka | Comment is free | The Guardian

I am also adding a BBC TV interview with Petro Poroshenko, the billionaire Roshen chocolates and former Ukrainian minister with his views on the EU deal.

BBC HARDtalk - Petro Poroshenko - Ukrainian Businessman and Politician (26/11/13) - YouTube

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Old 5th December 2013, 06:45
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Gotno, the corruption within the EU is nothing compared to the corruption within the Ukrainian government. Although joining the EU has it's risks, its also brings oversight.

To be honest, I would love a serious discussion on the matter of the EU, but it's not going to happen. Yanukovich needs to go. He lost his credibility. If he had trust, it would be a good thing that he's trying to get more money, but he's doing everything for the wrong reasons.

Now as you mentioned about the division. Yes and no. There will never be perfect, or even close for that matter, agreement. But recall Yanukovich's followers were in support of the EU just a few weeks ago.
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Old 6th December 2013, 11:24
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Exclamation Seen on Twitter

"Why do Ukrainians believe that their future lies with the EU. The European Union isn't working too well for Romania!"

sos pungesti video english - YouTube

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