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Emma33 15th May 2004 08:29

I am planning to get married to a Ukrainian man in Ukraine. Then I suppose he would have to apply for marriage visa as my spouse to enter UK in Ukraine. Would I have to stay with him in Ukraine, and join the interview?
How long would it take until he will grant visa, and he can apply for visa as soon as we get married?

If anyone experienced this, please tell me as much information as possible.

Thank you.

nickcsadler 15th May 2004 08:59

He can apply for the visa now as your won`t have to attend the interview but it will help if you fax/e-mail various documents to the embassy in advance..they will want proof that you can support him,proof of an ongoing relationship i.e letters phone bills with calls to Ukraine highlighted and if you have wedding arrangements already made proof of this will be needed. My wife had her interview at the beginning of January 2002 and I met her at Heathrow on 18th February:-))) and at her `interview` they just took her passport and a couple of hours later handed it back with the visa...she didn`t have to answer a single question so sending everything to the embassy early definitely helped...I hope all will go well for you both and you will have a VERY happy life together :-))))

Emma33 15th May 2004 13:56

Thank you for your reply, it's great that she is here with you so quicly. I hope that will happen to us, too:)

I know I can apply for fiance visa but then he would have to apply for marrige visa again after our marriage, that's why I thought it might be easier for us to get married in Ukraine...but I am not sure which way is the best.

You said about sending the document in advance or emailing, but doesn't those documents have to be the original ones?Oviously my passport has to be the copy but all the phone bills, letters and bank statements can be copy ones?

Sorry to ask so many questions....

nickcsadler 16th May 2004 15:05

I sent copies and yes they were for the passport I went to the embassy in Kiev when we applied for the visa and arranged the appointment and they made a photocopy then...I hope everything will go as smoothly for you as it did for us:-)))..where are you in the U.K.??..can I ask why you are marrying in Ukraine?? it so his family can Attend??..I think for visa purposes it may help if you also legalise the marriage in the U.K...maybe worth checking..
Excellent result last night...maybe everyone from can meet up in Kiev next year for the 50th anniversary of Eurovision:-))))

Irene1972 27th August 2004 08:40

fiancee or marriage visa
Emma, or anybody. We with my British boy-frined plan to jkoin our lives and consider which option is better - fiancee or marriage visa. Could you give any help from your own experience and which documents are needed?
Thank you.

nickcsadler 27th August 2004 09:15

Irene.. I think a fiancee visa is probably is valid for 6 months and then you apply for a 2 year extension and then it is better if you are married.. after that you can apply for residency... you will need passports,proof of UK address ie utility bills..proof of earnings and any savings to show you will have no need of public funds, proof of the relationship ie..letters, phone bills with the number in Ukraine shown and any other proof you may have, a proposed date of wedding would also help.. if you prepare everything in advance we found the process very easy and problem free.... I hope all goes as well for you about an invite to the wedding :-))))))

cocojiambo 10th May 2014 13:35

I married my Ukrainian wife in Ukraine. Then I left her with all the paperwork to go and submit it at the Visa office. She had no interview and we got the visa in 5 weeks. All our experience is published at Moving To The UK - Blog. The visa was for 2.5 years then we can extend. We did everything in Ukraine. It meant being away from each other for some time, but now i do not need to worry about anything. Also, one application - which means one expenditure, rather than spending money on different visas at different times. Just what i think.

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