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Average salary in Ukraine

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Old 29th October 2009, 18:42
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Just noticed this thread and I asked the locals the same question during my recent visit to the Ukraine.

First off, the Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH) has been sliding against the doller. In 1997 you could get 2 UAH per USD, in 2000 this was 5 UAH per USD, and 2008/2009 this is 8 UAH per USD.

I was told by the locals that all salaries are set by the government and that the way to earn more is to have two jobs.
In practice, as some of you have commented, most companies pay 'black money' to reward employees, often 50% or more of their salary, and many jobs that relate to foreigners receive 'tips', preferably in foreign currency.

I asked several what was considered a 'good' salary, and the feedback is pretty consistent. In the countryside, 2,000 UAH is a reasonable number, to 3,000 UAH in most cities, increasing to as much as 5,000 UAH in Kiev. Kiev is by far the most expensive city, with Odessa being a modest second. At the 8:1 exchange rate, this translates from USD $250 for the countryside, to $375 in most cities, to USD $625 for Kiev. This does not tell the whole story however.

I find it easier to consider a 1:1 to explain the cost of living: 2,000 UAH allows you to live more affluently than USD $2,000, and 5,000 UAH is better than USD $5,000 - at least for all domestic products and services, including housing. The exception is import articles, such as cars, gasoline, perfumes, electronics, etc. All such goods exists, but few can really afford them.

Or, another way to look at this - a large beer on a city center terrass seldom cost more than $1 or 8 UAH ($1.50 in biggest cities). So an average income of 3,000 UAH represents USD $375, or 375 beers. In the USA, a beer, in a similar setting, will cost you $5 ($3 in happy hour). Or, 375 beers translate to USD $1,125 in happy hour, USD $1,875 otherwise.

Most domestic goods and services cost less than 1/10th their equivalent of them in the USA.

As to daily rent apartments - nice renovated city center apartments for foreigners - are expensive: from $60 in small cities to $150 in Kiev. They are very nice & modern apartments, in older buildings, but are priced for foreign currency. Foreigners can purchase property now, but the protection rules are not like in the west. Newly renovated apartments near the city center in Kiev list for $200k. Other locations and cities are much less.

As to scams, tourist visas to the USA cannot simply be purchased, complex rules apply. For practical purposes, consider them impossible. Fiance visas are much easier, but require documentation. Do not send money without meeting the person first. Ukranian citizens can freely travel to Russia, Egypt, Turkey, and I believe Abhu Dabi. They can usually obtain visas for eastern european countries, but western europe, australia, etc., require a lot of rules to be satisfied, and many will not be able to get a simple tourist visa. Temporary worker's visas are doable, especially for men, but require a paying foreign job and knowledge of a foreign language.

Salaries have been increasing steadily, fueled by modest inflation. Hardest hit are the pensioned people, that only have a fix income of around $60 to $90 per month.

If you travel there, learn the Russian alphabet, and expect few to speak English outside Kiev.

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Old 29th October 2009, 18:50
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Thank you for the insight and welcome to the forum.
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Old 9th November 2009, 12:50
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The average rent price for appartments (approximately 40 sq. metres - 1 room) is 1500-1800 UAH (appr. 200$) in Lviv.

"What's the average salary now?" - Are you interested in average salary among employees on the whole? Or maybee certain occupations?
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