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Average salary in Ukraine

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Old 21st April 2003, 08:22
Irene1972 Irene1972 is offline
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what a nasty scam!!

Listen, I can buy a tourist pacage to Spain for two weeks for approximately the same sum that this "visa" costs. No visa costs $500. And no course of English is $150. The most expensive way to learn English is with a tutor (private lessons) and it's usually $5 per lesson or with the most expensive tutors (usually used to prepare a linguistic student for exams or an abiturient to enter liguistic faculty of University) is $10 per lesson. Even if so, if she takes lessons twice a week it'll sum up to $80 per month. And all the courses are much cheaper because it's a group study. What a blazen lie. And this terrible $500 visa!!! Why don't you think a little and understand that no visa costs $500? Besides, as for coming I used to work in tourist business and recently met a former collegue and she said that they never ever succeeded in opening tourist visas for our people in three countries: USA, Canada and Australia. She CAN'T open tourist visa to America. And who is this friend of her? Sure, her scammer partner. There're other ways. One of them is K-1 or fiancee visa. Another is student visa provided a student has found a sponsor (a very expensive option). IN some cases it can be business visa but mostly for scientists. It's hardly possible to open business visa for a regular person. WHo will be interested in him while you have many others like him? However, our reserchers are in high value, though it's a bit diminished at present.
Please don't sent these liers any money. They lie about the costs in both cases. Sorry.
Very nice of you to add me to your Yahoo messenger. I would be delighted to do the same provided I know your handle.
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Old 21st April 2003, 14:40
CreativeLightning CreativeLightning is offline
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Thanks for the response. My handle is creativelightning. Supposedly the 500 included - English course, Passport, Visa, Medical exam. and help processing papers.

I had asked her to check on it. She had said she was going to pay it and it would take about 3 months.

When the war started with iraq she ask me if I was concerned and offered for me and my daughter to come live with her if I wanted. She told me how beautiful Kiev is. (I already knew because I have saw many, many pictures).

She has also said if it would save money for me to just wait until I could come see her and then I could apply for the visa here since we would have met and she would only have to take care of an appointment with the embassy in Ukraine, medical visit and consent from her son's father.

She has never asked me for money and seems sincere in her writing. I offered to send a laptop because she uses the Internet Cafe or coffee house to email me. I wanted to be able to instant message her. When I told her I would send a laptop to her I asked if she would be able to get internet access and she told me yes, that it would not be too expensive for her to pay for it.

Is it possible that maybe she is referring to a package offered by someone that helps with visa's? As of now the laptop came back and I have sent her no money. We've been communicating for 10 months. Do you think she would give up by now? Or am I just gullable.
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Old 23rd April 2003, 15:49
Joluko Joluko is offline
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Lightbulb Cost of Living Versus Avg Income

It's obvious there's an average income difference between here in the US and the Ukraine. I think that difference exists to a degree between all countries. But the question is not so much about the average income but the cost of living. For example, a $50,000-&60,000 dollar income is not uncommon here in the US but then again, a $1200 mortgage is pretty common too.

What's the cost of living in the Ukraine as compared to the average wage?

PS - I'm new here and traveling to the Ukraine soon. I've enjoyed reading EVERYONE's feedback.

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Old 23rd April 2003, 17:42
lenire lenire is offline
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lenire is on a distinguished road

My inside source tells me that the cost of living is very low compared to the US.
For example $400 per month would be a good living and $1000 per month you would be considered "rich folk"

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Old 25th April 2003, 19:16
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Cost of living is very cheap in Ukraine.

Yes, with $1000USD a month you will live quite nicely.
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Old 25th April 2003, 20:15
andrewblow andrewblow is offline
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Hi Guys,

I have a number of friends who 'hope' to make $100 per month between the family members, but admit that it's often only bread on the table.

On the other hand, many out-of-town families are exteremely resourceful in the garden and grow stuff for immediate use - and for bottling/pickling......you know - the skills long forgotten by us !! Peach compot!!! Beautiful

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Old 28th November 2004, 02:20
adamspencer2004 adamspencer2004 is offline
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average salary in ukraine

all money is in USD

I spent this summer in Ukraine visiting. I am american.
I was in Odessa, Kharkov, Kyiv, Simferopol, Mukachevo, Dzankoy, Energodar. In Odessa I had a taxi driver Translater helper do all who became my freind after a few months. He made all money under the table using his car as a taxi and trying only to get foreign clients (because there are 2 different prices for Ukranians and foriegners I am said to say). Anyhow I used him frequesntly and I observed he made between 300 and 400 monthly in the summer vacation months which is also what he admitted to. This is an under the table example. I dated a girl and had another freind tell me that they were waitresses at nice restaruants and made about 100 per month in Odessa.

My ex girl from simferopol worked in a print shop and made 50 monthly and she has a college degree. In her hometown of Dzankoy(a small town in Cremia), her highest paying job was 50 monthly. Her Dad is a security gaurd and makes about 50 per month. Her Mom is a teacher at a elementry school and makes 100 monthly and another 20 on the side tutoring english.

My freind in Energoda (a small town known for powering Ukraine with electricity) works at a bank as a teller and makes 50 monthly. Her Dad works at the power company and makes 200 monthly which is a high and very proud salary in Energodar.

In Muchachevo a small citie or big town near the Hungary border is one of the best places I visited. Very beautiful center but very very low prices. I talked to a man who worked in the hotel as a bartendar who over a few shots of vodka told me he made about 50 dollars per month.

I was amazed to see so many people happy with nice clothes and nice cell phones with these salary, but many find a way.

Lets compare prices from my recent experience:
Hotels: Odessa-(50-100 per night avg) kyiv -(50-150 per night avg)Kharkov- (50-100 per night avg)Simferopol -(30-80 per night avg) Muchachevo -(25-60) Dzankoy -don't know if they have a hotel, Energodar- don't know if they have a hotel

draft beers a decent restuarant: Odessa- 1.75 kyiv - 1.75 Kharkov- 1.50 Simferopol -do not remeber Muchachevo - .30 !!! Dzankoy -don't remeber, Energodar- .50

These salaries are recent (summer 2004) and from the horses mouths if you get that American expression (I assume it an American expression! )
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