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Average salary in Ukraine

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Old 6th April 2003, 22:13
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Originally posted by Irene1972
it's an official salary. By tutoring teachers usually do much more money. My father, for example has three salaries on tutoring. He's a teacher.
I want to say tha tthese talks aboutlow salaries in Ukraine are very helpful for scammers who use them to get money from soft-hearted foreigners. I don't support such low-salary talks.
From BBC Tuesday, 19 November, 2002,

Ukraine wages overcome poverty line
Ukraine's pro-presidential tabloid Fakty I Kommentarii reports a 22% increase in average wages since the beginning of the year, which "have at last risen above the poverty line". An average Ukrainian now earns nearly $74 a month.
"The lowest wages are still in Ukrainian agriculture" at $36, the paper says regretfully.
The average wage in the heath care and social protection sector, $42 a month, is also below the poverty line.

Teachers earn about $65 a month... Minted or maybe not.

Support it or not these are the reported figures in Kuchma's pet publication... Are they likly to play up low wages to attack the leader they support. Read Holos a few times, put yourself in the picture.


Oh yes why do so many teacher from west Ukraine work in Poland.
What we want and what we need have been confused...
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Old 10th April 2003, 13:52
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Well, So the BBC says ......

I'm a bit too old to be taking as gospel what the media tells me.

Does anyone here live there and know from experience what the people realy earn (under and over the table).

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Old 10th April 2003, 14:33
albatros albatros is offline
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There is a catch here ... if ppl DO earn 50-60 USD a month they are not likely to have easy access to internet. Thus i dont expect them to waste their scarce recources on educating us via Ukie.com.

Anyway, what i understand my info should be fairly reliable.

On average:
30-40 USD for pensioners
50-60 USD it is for many public sector jobs
100-150 USD for ppl working at private companies (accoubants, laywers)
150-400 for managers

In Kiev and Odessa it can be much higher compared to the rest of the country.
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Old 10th April 2003, 15:38
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Ok , where does that info come from and is that the average or city (Kiev) income?

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Old 10th April 2003, 17:07
albatros albatros is offline
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Info is from a close friend living and working in Zaporozhye (eastern ukraine). Figures are supposed to be average, that means that they are not accurate for Kiev and Odessa.

Like Moscow is not Russia, Kiev is not Ukraine. Salaries can be 2, 3 or 4 times average in Kiev. Also people working for multinationals and NGO's are mostly located in Kiev. They increase the average there. My understanding is that pensions are pretty similar everywhere though.

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Old 10th April 2003, 18:02
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Old 21st April 2003, 07:44
CreativeLightning CreativeLightning is offline
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Question $150.00 for English Course

I have a friend in Kiev she is a teacher and has told me she earns 100.00 US a month. I have spoken with her on the phone. She can only speak basic English. We have discussed her coming to the U.S. for a visit as well as me going there to visit her. I am a single father of a 10-year old girl so it will be a neat trick for me to visit her. She has told me an English course is 150.00 U.S. Does this sound correct? The reason I ask is because I offered to pay for it and when we discussed it her friend that speaks good english mentioned "So if you send 200.00" then...

She was explaining that western union would be best.

My friend also told me she could get a tourist visa for 500.00 U.S.

I met her through foreignwomenguide.com.

Some of the post here have brought up concern although she seems sincere. I sent her a laptop but she never received it. She said she didn't care but was sad it was lost. It was returned a few weeks later by customs.

P.S. Irene1972 if you happen upon this post I tried to add you to my yahoo messenger. I could use a friend in Ukraine.

I would appreciate any advice and may start a seperate thread in open about information getting U.S. tourist visa's. I paid an attorney for information and after doing so his explaining of ways to get around needing to meet in the last three years to get a fiance visa explained I had to be physically disabled. Oh well, I guess it was worth 100.00 to find that out. lol
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