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Beware of those Marriage Agencies from Ukraine

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Old 3rd January 2001, 13:43
F16 F16 is offline
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Dear Stephan,

Have been following your chitchats with various online members and noticed that you're going to Kharkov on jan 6th next. Sounds great and I wish I could join you o that trip out there although I have no idea whereabouts Kharkov is.

I'll be travelling to Northern Africa on Jan 10th (Lybia and Tunisia) flying for a cargo company I work for. But getting back to Russia and Ukraine, I do agree with Irena (and others) that Kresthatik street in Kiev is the best place to meet great gals and make contact easier than most of these guys on this forum think.

It's basically cheaper 'if that's what you're looking for) to simply go out there and join the crowds. Get to know people and you'll be introduced or invited to a datcha for the real thing !!!

I've worked and lived in St. Petersburg and Kiev for longer than 2 years and really got to know the ins and outs of female contacting. On my second day in St. Petersburg (with actually was still Leningrad at the time, but changed later that year with Jeltsin taking control) I met 3 gals who stuck to me like glue. All of them were in their early twenties. They joined me, with no financial strings attached, to outings with friends and relations and we all had a good time (in bed and out). So why this need to venture into the unknown world of agencies like the ones I read about in this forum?

Let nature take it's place and the rest will follow. Just stay cool and be yourself and you'll attract more attention than you can imagine. I'm not saying this to you since you seem to have the experience, but to all who'll read this stuff I'm pounding out of this PC.

So I wish all you love hungry guys to rather snd your money on a trip out there and make contact on the spot, you'll be surprized what may happen!!!

Good luck and to you Stephan have a good and succesful trip to Kharkov (I'm going to look it up now).

Cheers and dasvidagna,

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Old 3rd January 2001, 13:55
LippyChick LippyChick is offline
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Exclamation Re: what other language ukranian speak

Originally posted by kazanova3
hi irena i think that my visit to ukrnia soon these days but i want to know wher most people speak english and what is other language they speak did they speak french .italian.pls till me .my plan is soon to be at Kreshtshatik ???smile????thanks to every one in this club...and i need your help to till me which is the best hoterl in ukrania and give me the telephone nmber thanks again...
Try this site for tourist info and hotels.
The best Hotel depends on how much you want to spend and how much Ukrainian you speak.

What we want and what we need have been confused...
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Old 3rd January 2001, 15:41
kazanova3 kazanova3 is offline
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thanks my friend

really i appreciate your help.....
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Old 5th January 2001, 02:34
nesmoht nesmoht is offline
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Thumbs up 1st time in ukraine

If you don't speak russian or ukrainian you should someone meet you in the airport and help you. Do NOT travel alone. There are so many things you have to do and should not do. Almost nobody speaks english - and it is very common for custom officers and others to create big problems out of nothing. It always happens that the same people can solve these problems for a small bribe or "favour" as they like to say - lucky you.

But it's a great country to visit once you get in, and out again. Everybody without a uniform are very friendly and curious, maybe because there a very few tourists compared to other countries. Their hospitality is without comparison to any country I have visited, and everything is incredible cheap. But a foreign passport or license plates is like waving with a big flag saying "hey I'm from the west, I have money, I believe you can trust people, I'm stupid".
You have to pay so many taxes when you enter the country and buy insurances you don't need. And nothing makes sense. For example they have a road tax, and foreigners have to pay 6 times more. That really makes you feel welcome in Ukraine as a tourist, doesn't it! It was so funny to see the disbelief in their faces, when my wife put her ukrainian passport on the desk and then the registration papers showing that the BMW outside with foreign license plates was registered in her name. "How much was it for ukrainian citizents, 1$?". They say Ukraine has very few criminals. I believe it's because they are all working in uniform.
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Old 20th January 2001, 02:08
Stephen_Bailey Stephen_Bailey is offline
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Greetings !!!! I'm (just) back from XAPbKOB. Absolutely exhausted and I think American express have a hit-man looking for me after all this However !!! it was absolutely wonderful

What's that Ukrainian word?? "Budmi" (or something similar). It means, words are not necessary.

http://www.Kharkovgirls.com is 100% genuine and I can (seriously) advise anyone to trust them.

So !! "Okhaditye" to all you cynics.

Regards. S.B.
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Old 1st February 2001, 04:31
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Red face


I'm sorry that the girl did that too you. However, look at the girls on that service. They all look like professional models. You know that they have every intention to scam suckers like us out of every dollar we have. I would suggest looking again, but this time lets be real.
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Old 24th February 2001, 09:26
matt matt is offline
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Smile Conartists

This is a game for $$$ nothing else.. Bandit is right,Russians are the greatest liars in the world ..I know how they do it I know russians my self..it's as natural as eating or F... cause you're hungry for $$$, no matter of how they get it!! Welcome to the reality, and the real world !!

Play the game or loose!

Good Luck

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