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Beware of those Marriage Agencies from Ukraine

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Old 22nd December 2000, 12:50
Bandit Bandit is offline
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Red face

Hello Stephen....

You never run out of excitement...do you?

Nah..we won't consider you for the JERK of the Century contest...after all, what has a jerk done to us? So why insult a jerk by calling you one? Ha ha ha....

Listen Stephen, it looks like you are bent upon getting an Ukrainian wife after all. It seems to me that you are soooooo star-struck that you would marry ANYTHING from that country! It amazes me that you have had ALL kinds of experiences with would be wives. I don't know what you do for a living, but you could easily take your story to one of the tabloids and make a kewl million and rest for the rest of your life.

C'mon Stephen, a bank robber....THAT is the ultimate! The first one robbed you of only $2,000, and you were crying. I am wondering WHAT the heck you must be doing now? $2,000 must be pocket change for this one from Arizona? I can't believe you came all the way to the States to rescue a damsel in distress from lock-up....

Anyway, your current heartthrob from Kharkovgirls does seem to be different. But who knows....you might be in here for a totally different kind of enlightening experience. But my friend, remember what I told you about pre-nupital agreements? But I was looking up the Kharkovgirls thing. They would also ask you for money...right? DID YOU PAY STEPHEN....AGAIN?

I am thinking of starting a "Broken Hearts' Club." If the one from Kharkovgirls plays a trick on you again, I would invite you to become its first Honorary President. I hope you would please accept?

Keep us posted Stephen. I love to hear from you. You seem to be a nice fellow.

Best wishes for the upcoming festive season and hope to hear again from you soon.


Originally posted by Stephen Bailey:
If anyone out there is staging a "Jerk of The Century" contest; please consider ME for the title!!

I've recently (very recently) returned from Phoenix. I wanted to bring my American girlfriend with me, but her PAROLE OFFICER had other ideas !!
OK, I thought, anyone can make a mistake in life. What were you in jail for? Shoplifting? Drunk-driving maybe?
" Armed Robbery " !!
She'd forgotten to mention that small matter.
So, looks like "the wedding's off" (again)

That aside, I can understand why my Ex-before-last ditched me for an American guy.
I must admit, the USA is a country that knows where it's going.

Anyway. My Ukrainian friends (in England) advised me to give www.kharkovgirls a try. So far, I'm impressed.
The girl I'm communicating with is using her own money to pay for English lessons - and wouldn't allow me to send her any.
She insisted, right from the start, on knowing why I wanted a Ukrainian wife and made me justify it.
She also told me she smokes and is not a good cook - and she wants to live in britain to earn her own money; not to be a 'trophy'.

Personally, this all sounds GREAT to me. I think she's 100% genuine.
( Maybe I'm not such a jerk after all? )

I'll keep you posted.

[This message has been edited by Bandit (edited 22 December 2000).]
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Old 23rd December 2000, 21:17
Stephen_Bailey Stephen_Bailey is offline
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Hi there everyone, particularly Mr. Bandit - and thanks for the kind words!!

Ha !! D'you really think the tabloids would be interested in my thwarted matremonial attempts?? I do think Woody Allen could probably knock-off a 1/2 decent script out of it and I'm sure we'd all go down great on the Springer show.

Phoenix is WONDERFUL and (in a nice way) I'm jealous. If any U.S. cities are even better, I just don't wanna know
I'm still friends with the American girl, but ........
If you're familiar with Goldie Hawn's character in 'House-sitter' you'll know what I mean.

No. I wouldn't marry "anything" from Ukraine; but I am 'struck' on Ukrainian girls Why ?? Well, a good example. I went out 'clubbing' in my home city (Lincoln) last night. Lots and lots of pretty girls, but, so many of them were drunk (or worse!), using disgusting language and behaving rather 'shamelessly'. I'm not criticising them for that; it's our culture I guess, but how many Ukrainian girls behave like that? From what I've seen, not many! They have a femininity and a 'reserve' that's sadly lacking over here. There's not much point trying to be a 'Gentleman' when there aren't many 'ladies' around.
There's not much 'mystery' about a girl who goes out in little more than her underwear, bares her ass to passing Police units and then throws up on the side-walk.
What I'm hoping to find in a relationship is the same feeling I got, the first time I did a parachute jump. That wonderful mixture of nervousness, exhileration, leaping into the un-known and (of course) the "YES!!!!", when the chute opens.

Meanwhile. I (to my own amazement) remain cautiously impressed with Kharkovgirls.com
They've only 'had' $12 from me - and I consider it well-spent. There've been four l-o-n-g letters either way and the girl I'm comunicating with has hand-written all hers.
If this all goes wrong, my computer will be joining my old VCR in the river outside, but for now, everything seems fine.

Merry Christmas everyone !!
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Old 24th December 2000, 00:30
nesmoht nesmoht is offline
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Hi Bandit,
To read postings and join a newsgroup like relcom.penpals you can go to http://www.deja.com/usenet. It's like a search engine of all newsgroups - even russian and ukrainian. Beware that some marriage agencies are posting in these newsgroups also, making it look like it's someone with their own email. There are not so many girls in these newsgroups. But if you find one, she is clever enough to use a PC, she also have enough money to buy one and pay for internet and she speaks english. Give it a try.

I don't know if I should laugh or cry :-) But your current affair sounds promising.

My wife comes from westukraine, but she is russian. As ukrainian, you will know what I mean. I didn't when I met her. I don't know why she hates ukraine. But ukrainians can be really rude to russian speaking people. Like our people and many other europeans can be really rude to germans because of the war. I only know she loves the city of Lvov and the people. That is what she miss. The city and her friends, not the country.
I have got to know a lot of good people from Ukraine. Many of them are leaving or have already left for Canada or Israel - and most of them they are doing great by the way in their new country.
Another reason for ukrainian girls to leave are the guys. They are just as outdated as the ukrainian factories, and think they are soooo cool when they sit in a cafe and pretend to talk in their probably stolen mobile phone the size of a brick. Okay, maybe that's what I think of them. But many girls have told me, that ukrainian guys think they can do whatever they want, and a wife has nothing to say, even she has a doctor degree. If you turn it around, it's their own fault. That's how they have been brought up by their mothers :-) But time has changed. Even an old fashioned guy like me, that hate to do housework and think our girls has gone too far, looks modern in their eyes.
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Old 24th December 2000, 03:42
Irena Irena is offline
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Good letter, Nesmoht.
Unfortunately, many of you told is true.
But (no offence meant) who leave Ukraine? Note: either very clever people which wants work hard (by brain: Microsoft. etc) or those who considers that they prominent people and they aren't appreciated at its true value here, or people without "home" (if only to eat).
Believe me, there is much work here, and our people work hard, and not everybody wants to go. A lot of people understand that one must "build our State" in Ukraine but not in Canada.

Excuse me, but I know very well Russians. Nobody oppresses them. But they are lazy to learn languages (ukrainian? Not, better cry at each corner about an oppression). Balts'll understand me. But Balts are firmer than me. And our nation is mild.
Sure, they use you to go. No love. It's true. Our guys are different, but I know that the most "grey" ukrainian girl like hot cakes in the USA. Why? I'll tell you. A cool girl
is much in demand here.
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Old 24th December 2000, 06:30
Stephen_Bailey Stephen_Bailey is offline
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Can you tell me, please, is there really a difference between East Ukraine & West Ukraine??
I'm trying to work out the 'relationship' between Russia & Ukraine. it seems very confusing?
Most people I met in Kherson only spoke Russian to each other and said they WERE Russian people, who just happened to live in Ukraine.
On the other hand, I have a friend from Lvov (who lives in England) and she insists there's a real 'gulf' between the two peoples. Then, I met someone from Zhytomir who told me that people from Lvov have a diferent view to all other people in Ukraine.

Is there a simple explanation ???

Regards. S.B.
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Old 24th December 2000, 13:29
kazanova3 kazanova3 is offline
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will thanks for your advise but i did one thing i am looking for free agency this is only way if i noticed any request of money i quit immediatly but just try http://www.uabest.com every week they put free ladies without mony so i go and chose and if any want money pls.escape your $$$$$ but they are good site to me i still dream to marry from ukrania still looking not yet find one that satisfied my demand good luck friend and to alll memebers....
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Old 25th December 2000, 02:11
Irena Irena is offline
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First I want to wish Catholics a happy Christmas.

Good night Stephen,
is there a difference between North England and South England? Between Irishman and Scotsman. I think there's.
But you have a little country, and you have almost the same history. Ukraine's a large country. Read our history and you'll see that many years West Ukraine was under power Hungarians, Poles etc. From here they are Greek-Catholics.
Add here that people from Lviv have a sharp sense of consciousness.
East Ukraine was under Russians. From here they are members of the Orthodox Church. Politic of the USSR was to settle Russians all over the USSR. So we receive a lot of Russian people. Imagin that you have a neighbour who arrive to you. He's impudent, loud and he don't want te learn English but he say: "I'm a Big Neighbour, and you are a small one. So you learn my tarabarskij language. I'm a owner here." What would you say? And soon you notice (to your horror) that your children forgot almost English and thay already speak tarabarskij language. Do you give the creeps?
I think there's a big diffrence (gulf) between ukrainian and russian people.
I don't want to describe them (how you understand it does not well for Russians). You can understand yourself watching TV.
My brother said: "Any russian democrat finishes there where a national problem startes".
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