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Old 4th November 2000, 08:53
Stephen_Bailey Stephen_Bailey is offline
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Originally posted by steve.vlasenko:

Have I touched a nerve. ooh I'm so sorry. You see if you ain't exploiting east European women then join in castigating the scum that are.

By the way I'm from England, that's in Europe and have no intention of hooking up with a women in the states.

I earn barrel loads of cash, so even if I was a loser (like your good self) I'd be able get my self a woman in Ukraine. But you see old chap, I've got respect for women and Ukraine, you obviously haven't hence the pathetic attempt to attack YoYoman, Olesya and my characters.

Although Olesya is perfectly capable of kicking you inadequate ass herself, I have to say you comments to her show what a kind of women your looking for.
"do what I say women... Be feminine, subservient and don't have a thought in your head" Sad inadequate fellow that you are.


It's called football and I go to watch Manchester City on every Saturday that I'm, in England. So that's your first stupid analogy dealt with.
I bet you have love for your women. When I'm a sad old fart, to knackered to attract a women in the west, I'll be off to some country that hasn't been exploited yet 'to show my love to some younger woman.' The only problem is of course, where's going to be left.
On second thoughts I'd probably have more respect.

Give me a one women with the strength of character of Olysea than a million stupid women that'll do just what I say.

Vlas a sad loser who has never had a girl friend in his life, so attacks sad old farts who get women half their age on personality alone.
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Old 5th November 2000, 12:32
d_seven d_seven is offline
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You had something to say there, Stephen?
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Old 30th November 2000, 11:41
canadianbacon canadianbacon is offline
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Red face

has anyone here succesfuly used a ukraine marrigw agency and had a good experience, Im joining one and Id just like to know!
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Old 20th December 2000, 21:52
Bandit Bandit is offline
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Hello David....

It seems that everything worked out fine for you in finding a lady from Ukraine. Any advice on how to go about it? Would you recommend a certain agency? I would indeed appreciate your shedding any kind of light on what you learned about the process so far. I have been badly cheated by one of the agencies I was dealing with and am very paranoid of contacting another one blindly. Please help!



Originally posted by David Taylor:
This message is really aimed at Yoyomans original posting entitled 'Whatever'and the numerous replies you recieved (congradulations on that part). Have any of you really got a clue about life and in particular the subject, it seemed to go off track somewhat, argueing about spelling etc.It appears that you are young, inmature and have very little knowledge about the subject especially Steve and Olesya, at least htourrett talks sense.
I can say this because i have knowledge of all 3. I have a fantastic Ukranian lady fiancee (only two thirds my age & i did'nt buy her), i visit Ukraine 4 to 5 times a year and i have some money to be able to do this, you are confusing Love and Sex.
Perhaps when you have experience of all 3 you will let me know.
One last thought for Olesa, everything has a price, even ladies, from any country.
Serious replies only please.
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Old 22nd December 2000, 00:40
F16 F16 is offline
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Thumbs up

Having worked in St. Petersburg for 2 years and having also learned a great deal about Russian and Ukrainian girls whilst there, I can only say be cool and let nature its place.

I met several and enjoyed their company even up to this day, although no longer in that part of the world, but I took my time to learn to know them well and no hanky panky; all up front, no B.S. both ways.

This is the way you gain respect and don't get taken for a ride. Furthermore anyone seeking a relationship in either Russia or Ukraine should go there and mix with the crowds. Much better than trying to accomplish or get into a relationship via online communications. There's nothing like the real thing.

Last but not least, Ukrainians girls are the best!!!

Good luck to all you love hungry guys. Also remember that a good sense of humor can get you anywhere................make a girl laugh and you're halfway home!
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Old 23rd December 2000, 02:59
Irena Irena is offline
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Well done, F16!

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