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Black People in Ukraine

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Old 15th August 2009, 05:06
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Originally Posted by ;45727
I was reading the post of the African man seeking a Ukrainian women compainion and couldn't help but notice seeing that black men have a hard time in Ukraine...why is that? Is there some historical reason for that? Did something happen that I am not aware of?
One of my bestfriends are from Ukraine and he is completely open about dating others of other ethnic backgrounds and races.

If black men have a hard time in Ukraine then how are the black women treated in Ukraine? How do the men act towards them? Are they accepted as equals there?

I am taking Russian next year and I plan to use those language skills to help me in Ukraine, if I go there (we dont offer Ukrainian in my school but Russian is the closest we have.) I want to know how I will be treated.

I am very surprised by this especially since the family I know from Ukraine and the students in my school from Ukraine are EXTREMELY open and nice people.

Please help me with this information

Hello Marcia!
I don't really think we have any trouble with any colous of people
I know many people of many nations also black! so don't worry about anything! we have mixed kids here too
Ukr women have childen and marry with black men but it is not so visible here as in USA
I hope you will see what kind of people we are!
we are open to any kind of person if he ( she ) good, in mind and soul
so, just get your courses and you will see how many friends you will meet here !
best wishes!
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Old 15th August 2009, 18:28
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Originally Posted by nelson71 View Post
The West has been somewhat brainwashed on this topic. In western states, diversity is advocated as a healthy quality, but one of its consequences is divisiveness. Meanwhile, Ukraine has something very valuable which the West is fast losing: unity. Furthermore, all human beings naturally seek and prefer the company of others who are like them. But in the West, when those human beings are white, this very human characteristic is suddenly denigrated as racism, and declared to be evil. It's really quite comical. So, to be perfectly frank, the West now has too much politically correct psycho-baggage to ever really examine these issues objectively. Ukrainians, on the other hand, have not been brainwashed by political correctness. They know people are different, and they do not strive to deny or change this. In fact, most Ukrainians will tell you directly how people of various ethnicities are different, and why. Westerners who don't know any better will confuse this, or Ukrainian pride, with racism. This confusion says more about the West than it does about Ukraine.
well said

i believe the nation state is the only way to have a secure, healthy state. you definately lose unity when you purposely try to create diversity against nature.
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Old 31st August 2009, 23:52
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I am black, African American but originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo. I was in Kiev from May 30th to June 9th of this year and I had a lot of fun. Overall, I would say that the Ukrainian people I encountered were very decent people and there wasn't a single incident having to do with my race that I can report.

I met several African immigrants and students who live in Ukraine and they also told me that things weren't as bad as they seemed to be on the outside. I saw several black people who were mostly Nigerians, but I also saw some students from Angola, Guinea and other African countries. And according to most of them, yes there are some isolated incidents of racism here and there were some blacks, asians and other foreigners were attacked, but for the most part, Ukrainians are civilized and rather friendly when you get to know them.

Naturally, before I went there, I also heard a lot of negative things about that country and the way black people were treated there. But I can guarantee you that they are treated just like anywhere else in the West; meaning some people are decent, some are very curious and courteous, and some people are hostile and condescending.

It should be noted that I mostly stay in the Center of Kiev where my friend and I had rented an appartement on Shota Rustaveli. So the key is not to venture alone at night in strange places and those places are dangerous for anybody, not just blacks.

There's even a famous Night club in Kiev called Patipa where most black people go and naturally, it's a club for the hip hop and RNB crowd. There's also another one called Carribean where I saw a lot of Nigerians.

The clubs in Kiev were much better than the clubs in California for sure and for many different reasons. In Los Angeles, the clubs close at 2:00 AM and they stop selling alcohol at 1:30 AM. In Kiev, they sell alcohol all night and the clubs stay open till 6:00 AM

The clubs I went to were awesome! We met a French guy named Benoit outside TGI Friday's on Tuesday night. He and his Ukrainian girlfriend, who could also speak French very well, advised us to try clubs like Patipa, Shooters, Decadence, Avalon etc.

So on Wednesday June 3rd, my friend and I tried Shooters, but one bouncer there didn't want to let us in because of "Face control" he said. So I called my friend Julya and she told us to try Carribean club on 4, kominterna str., It was very good. Then on Thurdays we tried Patipa on 10, Muzeinyi Ln., There they play mostly rap music, RNB and there were a lof of the hip hop fans. A lot of beautifull girls tough too many teen age girls, so I didn't like it.

The best clubs by far were Arena entertainment on 2A, baseyna str., and Decadence on Shota Rustavelli. We went to Arena on Friday night and Decandence on Saturday. I've never seen so many beautiful women in my life. I live in Los Angeles and California has a lot beautiful women like latinas, middle eastern, black American, Asians etc, but the white women in Ukraine are by far the most beautiful in the world in my opinion. My friend lives in Miami and he said that even Miami doesn't have as many beauties per square kilometers as Kiev have.

Most of the women I saw were very fit, and they dress very nice, very stylish and are much more feminine than here in the West and they are very friendly too. Americans girls in general are very superficial. Here in LA if you want to see beautiful women, you must go to a special event like the the Long Beach Grand Prix, a Laker's Game, a USC Football Game or other social event. But in Kiev, they were everywhere: In the shops, at the mall, in the pharmacies, grocery store, in the streets, at McDonald's etc.

Arena Entertainment

Patipa - Nightclub - Kiev

Caribbean Club

Caribbean Club


www.carteblanche.com.ua :: Decadence House

There are definetly some racists people like everywhere, but I was told that Ukraine is not as bad as Russia when it comes to the way the black people are treated.

Any man would enjoy Ukraine, especially Kiev, because there are beautiful, model like women nearly everywhere. Joe Biden wasn't exaggerating when he said that Ukraine "had the most beautiful women in the world" because based on my experience, Kiev has to be the city where you see the most beauties per square kilometers. So women there were very friendly, not at all hostile to blacks.

Ukraine women are 'most beautiful women in the world,' says Vice President Joe Biden

Ukraine women are 'most beautiful women in the world,' says Vice President Joe Biden

Read more: Ukraine women are 'most beautiful women in the world,' says Vice President Joe Biden

Ukraine women are 'most beautiful women in the world,' says Vice President Joe Biden
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Old 1st September 2009, 22:29
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Originally Posted by Kathy View Post
Welcome to the forum, Machiavel.

Thank you, Kathy
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Old 29th September 2009, 14:31
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Well, we did not have slavery in Ukraine compare to others civilized countries...
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