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Black People in Ukraine

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Old 7th March 2003, 03:32
jutka jutka is offline
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Re: Re: PLUS...

Originally posted by jutka
Originally posted by Nubiangoddess
We get benefits in our country partly for forgiveness of what happened in the past. We get help financially because of our economic stance. Its hard to be born in a low economic life and then rise above it..its harder that you may think.
So for things such as college and food, some of us get aid to help us support our selves and our family for a period of time...and for the record, there are more white people on welfare than blacks so you need to just smash whatever it was your were thinking Kasper...


But for how long must these benefits continue for forgiveness? I don't agree with racial quotas for this purpose. I wasn't born rich either, so why should a black person get preference? Why shouldn't I get aid for MY family?
Don't you feel it's better to achieve something 100% on your efforts, rather than being giving a hand up? I'm a woman and I don't agree with neither racial NOR with gender quotas. If I get a great position at a firm after law school I want to go in there knowing I'm there because of my own efforts, not because they needed to fill a female spot.

And about your last point... maybe more white people are on welfare, but then again there are way more white people in the US in general, so let's talk correctly and speak about percentages rather than absolute numbers if we must discuss this (which I don't think we do).


Do you have any thoughts on this?

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Old 10th March 2003, 21:31
jutka jutka is offline
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The bottom line

is that affirmative action and racial quotas are plain wrong, IMHO.
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Old 23rd September 2005, 04:52
ukebandit ukebandit is offline
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i am an ukkrainian living in the usa. i have been marreid to a blk.american women for 10yrs. no problems,church,family,neighbors love her...i live in a predominantly russian neighborhood....no no slurs no double looks in grocery stores...all normal....eastern euros are bit more humane but unfortunately soon they will be infected by right wing rascism.Our poor blk&white do drugs and crime.you,re poor russians drink antifreeze and huff gasoline.....the whole world is ****ed...do the best you can....never fear...
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Old 24th September 2005, 04:47
El_Diablo_Negro El_Diablo_Negro is offline
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Good to know

That there are some of us there I guess. Maybe things won't be so bad when I go there.
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Old 19th November 2005, 13:31
ukebandit ukebandit is offline
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after reading all your posts and replies about being a women of color visitng ukraine,what are your feelings about visiting ukraine,have you gone yet,etc. i am a so-called fake ukrainian;speak ukrainian,went to ukr. schools and church in usa parents were slave laborers in ww 11..germany. my wife is black speaks some ukr. half/na piv!!! she,s wants to take me on a5 week vacation in may to ukraine.after reading some of these posts,i say no way...unless i can carry my US right to bear arms...i am sad to say the ukraine of my dreams is dead. please respond if possible
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Old 19th November 2005, 16:52
stepanstas stepanstas is offline
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i havent been in Ukraine for a while, but the first time i saw a black person was in my class (i was about 5 years old). she was trying to learn Ukrainian.
about a week later, i have seen another woman

i never saw a black guy in Ukraine

Just for general info, i am not racist against black people
i am to a limit rasist against getto people
they get on my nerves, espesially since i go to a school filled with them

i think that the reason why so many Ukrainian (and other cultures for that matter) dislike black people (nomatter where they are from) is because:
1) Gettoness
2) Their Hate Against Whites
3) How They Set Their Own Record

Here is a little evaluation on that.
1) I think its pretty straight foward that getto people are not favored by many
2) I do not blame Black people for hating Whites for slavery and all of that. (i personally hate russians for what they did to us (notice i usually spell "russian" uncapitalized)) I dont expect Blacks to forgive whites for that. Slavery was oviously wrong, but i just dont think that all whites should be blamed. Durring slavery, the main countries were: England, Spain, and a bit of France. The East was nowhere their.
3) These days in America (cant speak for other countries), mostly in the news, you hear Black person: caught, covicted, etc. This would probably not want Ukrainians to have Blacks in Ukraine. They dont want them to screw up the county. Since America is just about the most popular county, everybody foucuses on that.

Again: I am not rasist against Black people, i know many
My father on the other hand, only see's whats on tv and on the streets, and he does not perfer them.
I think that Blacks and Whites will never get along. People are not educated enough these day. I dont think that the entire White population should be blamed for slavery, and i dont think that the Black poputation should be the first to mind when it comes to convicts. But i guess thats life today. It may never change.

By the way, i would suggest that you find some more Ukrainians to talk to, Russian will just make you more confused.

To answer your question, i do think that you will be looked at the wrong way in Ukraine. This is probably because Ukrainians are not exposed to many Black people, and they just take into cosideration what they hear. I think thats normal. I saw the show "The Amamizing Race" (Race meaniang competting, not color), and when one of the stops what in Africa, Whites were not treated too well.

Thats life, sorry buddy
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Old 20th November 2005, 01:12
TTW TTW is offline
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Did you go to Ukraine

Nubiangoddess, did you ever visit Ukraine?

I am also black (male) and I was thinking of trying to meet a woman from there. I wonder what sorts of attitudes I would have to face? I mean, I don't plan to live there so I can deal with it for the time I am.

Heck, I deal with stereotypes here too. The difference is that people (whites mostly) have no problem with me because they can see that I don't fit the stereotype.

Sometimes this makes people become even more racist, but usually I think it's just that they are used to dealing with black people who are polite, intelligent, professional and actually hate rap music more than they.

Wonder if this is the tone around the world? I imagine it is...people are generally all the same...You take the good with the bad...and the stupid with the ones who don't know any better.

Well, unless anyone has any red flag "gotchas" I'm gonna try to go this summer.

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