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Old 4th December 2002, 11:45
hanja-be hanja-be is offline
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Re: Re: 12 dishes

Hello !
Here some some carols also? (in Ukrainian!)

Boh Predwiczwnij
Nowa radist stala
ͳ - Swiata nicz
- Nebo i Zemla nini torzescztwyjyt

There are much more carols than written here.

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Old 4th December 2002, 16:00
Divchyna Divchyna is offline
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Dobryj Vehir Tobi, Pane Hospodaru,
Raduysya oj raduysya Zemle, Syn Bozhyj Narodyvsya.

Shedryj Shedryj, Shedrivochka, pryletila lastivochka

Vyjdy vyjdy hospodaru, podyvysya na kosharu
(The Americans stole this one and call it Carols of the bells)LOL
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Old 4th December 2002, 18:32
Hannia Hannia is offline
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Hannia will become famous soon enough

I make Spiders out of walnuts and pipe cleaners and a spray of golden paint. They are good luck. LOL.

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Old 5th December 2002, 19:20
Divchyna Divchyna is offline
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Join Date: Nov 2002
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Re: Re: 12 dishes

Originally posted by Zbyszek

Hrustyky, is it a special cake made by placing a finely shaped dough pieces in a pan with hot plant oil? ]

Yes, its little crusty cookies

][/QUOTE]Do you use poppy-seed for some Xmas dishes (a filling for pierogi or other dumplings and maybe for some kinds of cakes? I like it very much.

[Edited by Zbyszek on 4th December 2002 at 20:01] [/B][/QUOTE]

Yes, we make a "rulet" ( dough rolled around with filling inside) with sweet poppy seeds. And its madatory for Kutya. Do you make Kutya as well for Polish Christmas? P.S. have you seen the movie "Polish Wedding" I loved it!
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Old 5th December 2002, 22:08
Zbyszek Zbyszek is offline
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Zbyszek is on a distinguished road
Christmas time is like a shrine, like is a kid's dream

Divchyna, Hannia, Laryska, Katya, Capa, Hanja and others,

I am very sad reading the bitter fight in the ?olish Jokes thread, History board. I regard it as my personal defeat.
I would like to keep this Christmas thread free of any animosities. Let us prepare to wonderful Christmas days like true Christians. Let us keep our hearts pure. Please, people do not post any aggressive statements in this Christmas thread. Capa, congratulations to you because of initiating it. Let it be a chapel of our mutual understanding and joy. It is so good that it was placed in Personals, because it is an intimate personal thing. At the same time, it is something sacred for us all.
Divchyna, I watched the film you mentioned. In the beginning, I was enraged. Then, I gradually came to the conclusion that this mockery has some built-in romantic air. Pickled cucumbers and Matka Boska, described by an Italian film-maker what a strange combination. Divchyna, the most of us staying here in Poland are a bit ignorant about the situation of the Polish diaspora (we call it Polonia). Our image in our own eyes is much different from that suggested by Theresy Connelly. The popular stereotypes about Poland are mocked in the film but they were treated much more seriously by me. Please, look at:
Reading it, you will surely understand why the Polish Wedding film became a scandal in the Polonia circles from the very beginning. The more so that the real drama Wedding by Wyspianski (a Cracow poet surrounded by a special cult aura) is one of our national literary bibles.
I would be grateful for your opinion. No one dared follow my example of dealing with the sacred national things. I think it is a tricky and thankless task and I would not be surprised if you also kept silence on the national mythology problem. You know, people suddenly lose their good humour when someone is playing the ugly national jokes.
Divchyna, I am encouraging you to write as much as possible about Xmas.
Is waiting for the first star at Xmas Eve night international?
Is singing carols together at Xmas Eve night international?
Is an attempt to talk with animals at Xmas Eve night international?
Thank you all for your previous answers to my questions.

[Edited by Zbyszek on 6th December 2002 at 01:53]
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Old 6th December 2002, 17:20
Laryska Laryska is offline
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In Ukrainian tradition, the youngest child of the household is supposed to wait for the first star to appear and notify the others to start the Christmas Eve celebration. THis was my duty as a child... but I think I was told to do this to stay out of the kitchen!
There is a Christmas carol that goes like this:
Na nebi zirka jasna zasiala, i jasnym svitlom sijaie....
Khrystos rodyvsia slavity!!
Yes, Khrustyky are those fried cookie like things. And we make a poppy seed role called Makivnyk... very tasty!
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Old 6th December 2002, 18:05
Zbyszek Zbyszek is offline
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Zbyszek is on a distinguished road
St Nicholas Day

I have just received a nice e-card from one of the forum participants, on the occasion of Saint Nicholas day. Thank you Silkrem! I have the following question:
Is this day celebrated wherever Ukraine?
Do the kids receive small gifts on that day?
Do you celebrate your personal day (nameday) in Ukraine as connected with your patron's name?
Thank you Laryska for your STARRY answer. I am getting impatient about Xmas Eve!

[Edited by Zbyszek on 7th December 2002 at 02:05]
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