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eraldo 3rd September 2000 10:19

Are you looking for a new life ?
Please contact me

Mermaid 3rd September 2000 10:32


I am looking for a new life, tell me more!


steve_vlasenko 5th September 2000 06:52

I'm looking for a new knife. :p I knackered my carving knife the other night, do you think you can help?

where are you from Eraldo? Out looking for an Ukrainian woman to impress?

I know a hairy Texan who might oblige :D


olesya_p 10th September 2000 17:03

Good one, Steve! I am tempted to share a piece of my mind with this prince charming. But see, try say that I am "immature" these days, so I will have tp restrain myself this time.

steve_vlasenko 11th September 2000 06:54

Hi Olesya,

You could only give him a tiny piece of your mind he couldn't handle anything else. :p

Take care


Good to have you back :)

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