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icyu81now 28th October 2002 02:00

Trying to find a woman named Natalia Dorovskaya. We were emailing each other for a while theh the site became more interested in money then feelings.I need to find her I didnt get the chance to know another way to find her. She is living with her parents and works as a accountant she was born september 22 1978 shes a beautiful woman that my heart needs to find again. If anyone can help me please do. I would greatly appreciate it .

Irinka 28th October 2002 04:21

Hello, welcome to
Do you happen to know which city she lives in? If you do, I might be able to do a telephone search.


icyu81now 28th October 2002 04:27

Natalia Dorovskaya
I do have her address I think

Block 50 Let Oktyabrya
Lugansk Region

Irinka 28th October 2002 04:40

If you have her address, why not write her a letter? I'll look up her name, maby her phone number shows up.

icyu81now 28th October 2002 04:46

Well I have but not sure when it will get there of if she will recieve it. I was given the address by the internet cafe that she used . so Im not sure how accurate it is either I was hoping to get her phone number if possible I do appreciate it thank you ! Does the address look like a real address ?

Irinka 28th October 2002 21:11

I'm sorry, but I couldn't find her phone number, I'll try again later.

marconey 18th June 2014 07:46

icyu81now, just curious if you have been able to locate the lady you were looking for? I just joined couple of days ago to find some locals, local updates, guidance etc. in connection with a friend I have in Sverdlovsk. I believe there is a lot going on there now?

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