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Ukranian girls the best (it's true)

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Old 9th March 2011, 16:18
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Thank you a lot for your advice. Thats really what I want to avoid the agencies, because I think for them this is just business. Thanks again Gotno
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Old 10th March 2011, 05:07
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What age range are you (realisticly) looking for Bole?
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Old 21st March 2011, 12:32
sharleenreyna sharleenreyna is offline
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I dont think they are best for me asian girls are best..
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Old 17th February 2012, 17:18
BukiRob BukiRob is offline
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I still say the best way to meet a girl who is ready to meet and find her husband is to:

Pick a city you would like to visit. I chose Odessa because it is a resort city with beaches, nice clubs and restaurants, lots to do.

Book a flight and plan to vacation there. When I met my wife there at the time there were no less than 4 agencies around Derybuskia St.

Walk into an agency and let them know you are a single man looking to meet some single, available women. Usually they will want to schedule 3 meetings per day. Each meeting should be with an interpreter, you and the girl. Each meeting should be fairly short and the sole purpose is to determine if there is basic interest in going on a first "date" with said girl.

Focus on things that CAN NOT be changed. My wife couldn't speak any English and I couldn't speak any Russian, We communicated through phrase books and an electronic translator. I was more interested in how she treated her daughter, how she treated the waiters and waitresses... I observed how she acted and treated people around her. Its amazing how much you can learn by observing. Its also amazing how much can be communicated by using a phrase book.

English can be learned a mean spirited demanding woman cant change. A brunette can change the length and color of her hair. A girl who wants you to buy her things on a first or second date is a disaster waiting to happen.

Don't start this journey unless you are ready and financially able to visit her SEVERAL TIMES. The average sane man would NEVER marry a girl based on a 10 day trip. Neither should you.

I made 7 trips to Odessa (last being the one to take her home here in the US) before we decided to obtain a Fiancee's Visa. We used all 90 days before we both decided to get married.

I met her in August of 2004....we are happily married nearly 8 years later
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Old 8th December 2012, 08:54
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This is the number one dating site .Dating is necessary because it gives you the opportunity to know you spouse very well before you get married to Him or Her.
** link removed by admin - contact OP for more info **

Last edited by admin; 10th December 2012 at 05:07. Reason: link removed
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Old 8th December 2012, 12:40
Gotno Gizmo Gotno Gizmo is offline
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I suspected that your post was just another example of the "Reklama" that pops up on this site periodically, so I looked at it found that this is just a front page entry advising you of other sites. It is not what I would consider to be a worthwhile website page to enable someone to view a potential partner.

I found my lovely Ukrainian lady on TAU2.com. This website has many genuine Ukrainian ladies seeking a partner. Of course there may be a small percentage of scammers, as will exist on all such dating sites, but this site you must register and have your email, postal address and mobile telephone number verified before being able to contact a person, which you can do for free on SMS length messages. However, all personal contact details are filtered out. The site requires payment for longer messages and to pass personal contact (email, phone, etc) details.
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Old 29th December 2012, 21:10
alexlos99 alexlos99 is offline
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Originally Posted by Edgar View Post
Hi everybody !
My name is Edward , freinds coll me Edick and Edwin .
I 19 years old , I like music , dance , traveling , and nice freinds and girls .
So I wont to start discusion about ukranian girls the best .
Write yours position on this discusion. PLEASE And Thank you !
I went in a meny countrys of the world in England (London),Spain (Madrid),Germany (Berlin),Russia (Moscow),Cuba ,USA(New York),Canada (Toronto),Barbados,Guyana (Gorgetown) and Finland (Helsink),Slovakia .
So I was see many girls .
SO DROP ME ON LINE IF YOU WONT PRIVAT TALK TO ME AT goodedick@hotmail.com or oneedick@hotmail.com
Welcome and Thank you for yours time on my messge !
Have a nice year 2000 !
Waiting for reply !!!!!


[This message has been edited by Edgar (edited 26 November 1999).]

[This message has been edited by Edgar (edited 07 May 2000).]
Hello Edgar,

I was surprised to read that you are from NY, USA. It is either your writing style, or you don't speak English that well. Here are a couple of sentences from your post and some revision:

I went in a meny countrys >> to many countries << of the world in >>> to <<< England (London),Spain (Madrid),Germany (Berlin),Russia (Moscow),Cuba ,USA(New York),Canada (Toronto),Barbados,Guyana (Gorgetown) and Finland (Helsink),Slovakia .
So I was see many girls >>> So I was able to see many girls <<< .

Oh man, what is up with your grammar?

But that is not about grammar, is it? You said there are lots of nice girls in Ukraine. That is true, but it is very hard to meet a good one, especially if she is a member of a local marriage agency. If that is the case, check out this thread:

How to bring a girl from to your country once you know she is the one???????
Hi everyone!
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