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Ukrainian women and infedelity

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Old 15th August 2002, 17:15
Ulysses Ulysses is offline
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Free will


Stig is probably not exploiting anyone. I don't think he promised these girls marriage or money in exchange. He never put a gun to their heads and gave them an ultimatum. These girls went with him out of THEIR OWN FREE WILL.

Originally posted by Kaizer

Your comment: Yeah but who cares about the French anyway? They're just plain mad.
Look at yourself before you talk about them.

Your comment: I'm male and I apologize for that. I have a sexual desire and I went to Ukraine to satisfy it.

Guess what I am also male and I dont exploit woman in countries where there is economical difficulties. Conclusion is that you dont have any moral values, but you like to talk about these woman.
Now I know I am also married to a Russian lady who lived in Ukraine. But read my tread about respect before you comment.
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Old 15th August 2002, 17:37
SweetNovember SweetNovember is offline
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Originally posted by Kaizer

On your comment: The women who have top jobs in Europe and Ukraine refused to live with this culture.
This is one of the reasons why anyone can be proud of these woman. They dont just sit back and except the situation. They at least try to change it.
That's exactly what I meant.

Just remember that change start with yourself.[/QUOTE]

Hope you didn't mean me. I'm an international consultant, I'm here because of work.

I dont say that the whole of Ukraine must leave but if I was unhappy I would leave no matter what. [/QUOTE]

Exactly. Marrying a foreigner is one of the easiest ways they know. The only thing they don't realize its not going to brng them much satisfaction.
Leaving on their own, finding a good job in Europe/US is very different. That's the route I took and I can tell you it requires a lot of hard work, not just a lot of flirting.

The reason I tell you this is because I see you and stigharaldsson like to make us believe that Ukrainian woman are bad. [/QUOTE]

No, but we are just trying to give a realistic picture of what is going on. Ukrainian women have the kind of desperity to them that makes them daredevils in a way. It would be silly to think that they are angels.

And I still refuse to believe that all will jump in bed to reach their goal. A lot still have some self respect.

It's a good observation. Many actually won't. But they would make you believe they will consent if... They know their game.
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Old 16th August 2002, 16:41
Bristol-man Bristol-man is offline
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Ok,back again and ready for round two of what could be an endless dispute on language and culture.
Sweet November,despite your ability with the language, please take it from me,and some others by the look of things,that your knowledge of english does not mean that you can always grasp every subtle meaning behind the words.
That is not meant in any way as an insult to your intelligence,just a comment on the problems which can occur with any language--i've even had this experience with americans and we both speak english!
Perhaps i should explain my position in case you think i am trying to take advantage of Ukrainian ladies.
I like the traditional values which i found in Bulgaria (and i am assuming that the cultures will be similar).Like another male on here,these values represent what we had many years ago,and so that,together with the beauty of many ladies,is the reason for my intentions.
The fact that Eastern Europe is poorer,and so our money goes farther,is surely not a reason to assume many of us are "sex tourists",as is the case in Thailand etc.
I think prostitution is a difficult subject to touch on, for example many ladies here in the west marry rich men in order to have an easy life--is that not also a form of prostitution ? This has been the subject of many television and radio shows,so i will not attempt to continue,merely to say that i do not think that as many men as you would imagine are viewing Ukrainian ladies in a bad way.

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Old 17th August 2002, 05:15
Rajkumar Rajkumar is offline
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Rajkumar is on a distinguished road

I hope through this posting of mine we could draw some line between Prostitution and Infidelity in a country.I notice there seem to some sort of confusion here involving the females of a particular country especially to prostitution and infidelity.I live in Malaysia and our closest neighbour is Thailand and to many of you I suppose the name Thailand only triggers in your mind as a "Sex Heaven".Well my friends there is no doubt about it and till today Thailand has such a reputation.Again can all the females of Thailand be branded as women of low morals and character.Definitely not and the majoriy of the females in Thailand can be considered as women of high integerity,character and morals.Though Thailand has the reputation of a thriving flesh trade but that again is confined to a small percentage of the female population and in this country it is because of poverty.But the overall females do have high morals and character and adultery is not as common as it seems to be.Just because prostitution in Thailand is so legalised it should not give the impression to the foreigners that the females in Thailand are easy to take them to bed and adultery is common.No my friends that is not what you see about the females in Thailand and even prostitution in Thailand is at designated areas.Also adultery is something which is not common as it is thought to be merely because of the religious background that is Buddhism and the conservative culture.But yet again what some have been telling about the females in Ukraine doesn't really exist among the females in Thailand.But the prostitutes in Thailand don't seem to be remorseful on what they are doing and rather they seemed to be proud of their so called profession.They treat it as a profession and keep their customers happy and that's what keep the foreigners coming back to Thailand.In short though Thailand has a reputation for prostitution but the females on the overall do have high morals and character and adultery is not as high as one will imagine just because of Thailand's reputation as a "SEX Heaven".
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Old 17th August 2002, 12:38
SweetNovember SweetNovember is offline
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Raj, thank you for your post. You have highlighted a good point - professional prostitution can be viewed as an occupation. Probably not many would agree it is an respectable profession, but in my view professional prostitutes have more integrity than women who fish for wealthy/ foreign husbands. At least they earn their living by hardwork not by a complex chicanery.

Bristol-man, all this talk of traditional values is crap. It's just a wave to hide the desire to satisfy your male chauvinism. People don't come to poorer country looking for love. You expect to be "loved" for "the little extra" you can make. This is what you wrote, I'm not making this up:
"as the standard of living is lower,and i can be seen as a big fish in a little pond for a change"
Well, buddy, let me tell ya, this leads to nowhere. As long as that's what you have at the back of your mind, even on some subconsious level, this kind of attitude will never win you happiness. I've seen enough personal catastrophies to come out of it, what I say is based on experience.
And, no, I'm not trying to be mean and this is not thug of wars. I'm just trying to show you the real world behind your pink glasses, for you own good.
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Old 18th August 2002, 07:04
CameoJoe CameoJoe is offline
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SweetNovember has the goods to sell if Bristol-Boy is buying..lol

I like the way that girl tells it like it is to the "Austin Powers" wanna be. She has more logic in her fingernail than Bristol-Boy can fathom.

Sometimes people write the truth like Bristol did but for some reason he does not feel anyone will notice the truth..lol He gestures to remedy his words in a fashion to explain himself but it may have been easier for him if he had just deleated those parts in the first place instead of having sweetnovember remind him of the mistakes he made in his intial writings.

Okay Bristol dude what you wrote was something kin to you wanting to purchase sex or love or something closely related but mainly you wrote that you were gonna find a new staus via this country called Ukraine.

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Old 18th August 2002, 14:25
Rajkumar Rajkumar is offline
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Rajkumar is on a distinguished road

How are you Judge CameoJoe? So you finally got a bit of time to post.You sure got a skill in using the English language and I guess that comes from alot of reading.How's your daughter? Mine is coming up 11 years and the knowledge she has I only knew it when I was 21.Let me try Sir Andrewblow's stun.
Got it.Now some stunning stories about prostitution.In India there is a village where prostitution is a tradition of the village.Here in this village in India each family in the villages keep one to two girls who are prostitutes and they earn through these girls through prostitution.Of course the girls are from a different village and these girls stay with the family which consist of husband,wife and their children.To that family or rather to the families of this village it is a tradition to have one or two girls as prostitutes and this has been carried out through many generations.To them it is a tradition and ther doesn't seem to be anything wrong in it either.This village is in Andra Pradesh.I came to know about this through one of my friends from India who serves in the navy as a high ranking officer.And the best part he says it has something to do with a curse on this village and he too is confused on why it still exist.In some other parts of India it is true to say that prostitution runs from generation to generation because of poverty as well as being in the clutches of those who make the money out of this flesh trade.
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