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Old 27th August 2002, 06:37
Laryska Laryska is offline
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Hello Rajkumar!
I am glad to hear that you made some progress with your health resort. Also, it's good to hear you are more happy about your business endeavours. Good for you!
Also, you mentioned that Ukraine and Malaysia are making progress with relations together. That sounds like something to look forward too.
You talked about the financial status in India, how the rich are rich, and the poor, very poor. I am curious to know what it is like in Malaysia. Is your country more balanced??
About the comments being made about Ukrainian women..... I am really sick of trying to shed some positive light on this subject. People here on this site don't understand that there will always be dishonest people in every culture. I think the topic of dishonest terrible women keeps on being recylced on this site is because we as human beings cannot grasp that women, although usually perceived as innocent, and harmless can also be liers and cheaters. What really frustrates me is that this topic is so over analyzed, that it doesn't make sense any more. I can't do anything about it. These people just want to make it seem that all ukrainian women are terrible and dishonest. And we know that can't be true. It's like saying something bizare like all European men beat their wives, or all European men want a house wife. It's not always true.
Thank you for posting to me Raj!
Yeah... where is Don?? He was the best to write to.
Ps: About my studies...... I need to get one degree before I start a law degree. It will be a long journey, but I am not scared. Although I don't get any positive encouragement about going into law. ...My parents think I will never last that long. And my mother, of all people whom I thought was the strongest, ,believes that it will be hard because law and business are " a man's world". It's frustrating, but like I said before- I usually handle stress really well.
Bye for now.....
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Old 27th August 2002, 06:42
Laryska Laryska is offline
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One more thing

I read a long time ago that you are telapathic. Is this true, or are you just joking around?
You said that you went with your mother to some kind of phsycic. He told you about Nurse Betty. I am seriously interested if what you said was true.
I have never gone to a phsycic but I am tempted to go and find out what he says.
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Old 28th August 2002, 09:26
Rajkumar Rajkumar is offline
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Rajkumar is on a distinguished road

Malaysia is a paradise and every one is rich in a way.Very well balanced.The lower middle class can afford to have a car,own a house in a low cost apartment and lead a comfortable life.Ther lower middle class family can afford to have KFC and PIZZA at least two to three times a month.The unemployment rate is low and the people of Malaysia are very choosy when it comes to jobs.Malaysia is very dependent on foreign labour especially in the construction sector and in the oil palm estates and some of the multi-national companies employ the foreigners usually females as production operators.Even a local production operator can afford a motor-bike and stay in a decent rented apartment.It is very hard to describe a poor Malaysian as no one is poor in Malaysia on a broader sense.Jobs are plenty but the attitude of Malaysians when it comes to jobs, they are very choosey.The lower middle-class will tavel by luxury buses instead of airlines when they travel outstation.The lowest wages with the least educational level can earn as much as US150 per month and one with such wages still can have a pretty resonable living in Malaysia.So I wouldn't call anyone poor in Malaysia but a lower middle class and this should give you some idea on the standard of living in Malaysia.If you have this picture of a lower middle class then you should be abble to figure out the upper middle class and the rich.The gap between the rich and poor is not as wide as it is in India.The people are contented here in Malaysia and every one works hard to better their income but with jobs suitable to their liking.Extra income for them usually comes from multi level marketing.
Laryska I got to go now as I have some meetings to attend.Just tell me your time,date,year and month of birth and I can tell you something about yourself.In this way you can tell me whether I am psychic or not.
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