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For Christian Ukrainian women only

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Old 24th September 2002, 07:44
Donquichotte Donquichotte is offline
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Exclamation Fanaticism is blindness not freedom

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Nickolas
[B]TAX man,

If my position is not popular in the world, that is
how things are.
I am not here for a popularity contest.
I believe Christians who walk the walk
- do action - and talk the talk - use the Lord's word -
are not so popular either.
Otherwise and repeatedly, your assumptions are WRONG:
Some Christian Ukrainian women have contacted me,
and privately, they like to what I have to say.


You do know that lying is a sin...do you really think someone will believe that a woman "privately" contacted you....or is it so absurd to share your ideas that no one dares do it openly ?

You are not here for a popularity contest I will gladly grant you that !

Again your words are meaningless, "walk the walk" "talk the talk",...and show how wrong you are, for if the Catholic Church was not popular then it would soon disappear and the
JMJ would not have been so successful.

But you seem from your posts to be on the fanatic's side,
the very same people who in the name of God tortured, murdered and burned people by the thousands, attached not the message of God but to a few words.

But for one Savonarole or Torquemada at the same time thosands of other Christians created the first hospitals and orphanages for people wherever they came from or whatever their religion was , trying to help humanity and relieve it from its sufferance, for the message of God is about love, tolerance and understanding, three qualities maybe unknown to you.

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Old 30th September 2002, 21:09
angelwithwings angelwithwings is offline
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Well,im Ukranian and a christian and i still wouldnt touch you with a bargepole......
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Old 5th October 2002, 11:58
Nickolas Nickolas is offline
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Bible quotes please


Still waiting for your Bible quotes.........
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Old 14th October 2002, 07:47
Laryska Laryska is offline
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Do not agree ( would have written earlier but I didn't notice this post)

I am Ukrainian Catholic, and I do not agree with your statements. Although I may not go to church every Sunday, I go at least once a month... (at least) Anyways, this is not the point I just thought I would mention it in case you would ask me such a question.
The point is, I don't agree with your statements about women supporting their husbands 100 percent. It seems to me, you mention nothing about the husbands supporting their wives 100 percent. I believe that in all types of relationships it takes two people to make everything work together.
I don't understand your empahsis on women supporting their men 100 percent. Why is this such an issue for you??
I believe that before anyone becomes involved in a marriage they should be able to support themselves 100 percent, financially, emotionally, spiritually, etc. (The order of these does not matter) They must be very confident and secure before developing any potential marriage relationships.
I honestly get the feeling that you are not confident in yourself, because why do you keep on writing about how women must support their husbands fully? If you were confident, you wouldn't have to post here to try and find your ideal christian woman. I also believe you have to wake up and face reality, we as human beings are not perfect, but we stive for perfection everyday even though we will never reach it. I think you have to understand that BOTH women and men are not perfect, and never will be.
Why would any Christian women, or any Women get involoved in a serious relationship without knowing that they have to love and honour their partner 100 percent?? I am aware that there are marriages that do fall apart because of lack of love..... but why is it so important for you to advocate 100 percent support from women. I think you should just worry about yourself and make sure you honour your future wife 100 percent, and I am sure she will honour you 100 percent.
I also agree with Don's statements about how the Bible was written in a different time. WE all have different interpretations as to what the Bible is telling us, but we will never really know what it is really telling us.
I am glad that you are able to quote from the Bible, and that you are able to interpret these passages in your own words, however I am only writing about what I believe is true without out any data to support my argument. I am only able to support myself through strong, thought out ideas.
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Old 14th October 2002, 10:12
Nickolas Nickolas is offline
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Still waiting for Bible quotes...

About Holy marriage,
please use Bible quotes to support
your argument regarding equality.

If not, start a new thread about secular marriage.

My words, regarding Holy marriage, come from the Lord:
timeless Wisdom, everlasting love and eternal patience.
In short, my point on this subject comes from the Bible.

In complete quotes.
In complete context.

All is said in love and faith in the Lord.

Again, I'm still waiting for quotes from the Bible
to support your secular viewpoint...

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Old 14th October 2002, 12:33
Kaizer Kaizer is offline
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What Laryska said i totally agree with. Donquichotte gave you very good and accurate arguments. It is fine for you to say if somebody has no quotes out of the bible it is not worth discussing. The idea I get is that you can not accept that other people has real views on this subject, and not only bible quotes. Why not talk about their views or do you feel threatened by it.
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Old 14th October 2002, 19:27
Laryska Laryska is offline
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Join Date: May 2002
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Again Nicholas,
Why does it matter if someone gives you Bible quotes? I could be a devil worshipper and give you Bible quotes.... it doesn't make sense for what you are asking.
YOu are asking Christian women to respond to your post, why would it matter if they refer to the bible to support their arguments.
Are you implying that those people which do not give you Bible quotes are not good enough christians for you??
A true Christian believes in Christ, and has faith in His plans for us. I don't think God intends to punish those that do not read from the Bible regularly... God loves everyone even those that don't believe in him.
I think you are totally forgetting about all the people that are responding to your posts from their hearts. Those that do not use Bible quotes are using their own judgements and their hearts to come up with good replies to your posts. Isn't it more meaningful to you to have a women respond to your posts from her heart, than from Bible quotes she may not fully understand?
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