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Old 9th February 2000, 14:02
Lilly Lilly is offline
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Lilly is on a distinguished road
Judge Roy Darling:
At least I don't judge, sentence and hang before finding out the whole story, but I have been remiss. I don't go off half cocked.

We Serbs were never known for diplomacy. If we were, the West would offer us a "Greater Serbia", not take it away. The Great Serbia that would span from Prague to Istanbul. (wink). (inside joke)

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Old 9th February 2000, 14:37
Phillip Phillip is offline
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I think he will have to buy you a dirty big diamond ring before you even think of letting him in the door.

Did he ever warn you that he still had a thing for his ex?

Maybey if you felt he was really yours you might have been thinking of dumping him. It is just that he had his ex' on his mind.

Are you guys still friends? (If you feel like a zombie - I doubt it). You could find out what broke them up.

Anyhow I really am enlivened. But not too enlivened, because you need a man in the flesh
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Old 9th February 2000, 15:19
Lilly Lilly is offline
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Lilly is on a distinguished road
Beata Sweetheart,
I am sorry about your loss, but better to know now than later. If he did this once, he will do it again. (He was not thinking with his head, or perhaps he was; that dirty so and so!)

Darling, in this life we traverse many paths that come to forks, bumps and holes in the road. You are young and strong and will face each hurdle. You are too good for him.

All our young lives we search for someone to love,
someone who makes us complete.
We choose partners and change partners.
We dance to a song of heartbreak and hope
all the while wondering if somewhere and somehow there is someone searching for us.

If equal affection cannot be,
Let the more loving one be thee
Angel, spread your wings - soar high
Dry your tears for your true love is nigh.
Under the lurid nightsky
Entwined in spiritual embrace
Through the sea of swirling fog
Your love will find its place

We are your family and friends here. We each offer you a strong arm and shoulder to lean on.

Chin up honey, we all love you,
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Old 9th February 2000, 16:35
B_Ungaro B_Ungaro is offline
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Greetings Lilly,
As they say in Texas, - more better. I urge you to look at a map of EUROPE from the 14th and 15th century. Hungary Ruled. Had we been able to retain our borders, you would all be my slaves. Some of you would have the privilege of being part of my HAREM. Serbia,
get serious. Oops, Hungarians did'nt have Harems. Ok,- you would be my groupies.
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Old 9th February 2000, 17:01
Lilly Lilly is offline
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Lilly is on a distinguished road
Although this is Beata's topic, I respectfully request her permission to respond to your post.
I knew that would get your Attila's blood pulsating....
In the 14th and 15th century, the Serbs (from Belgrade southward) were not under Austro Hungarian domination. (I like that word..and ....thralls..hmmm..)
Without Austria, we would have run you out of town, back to the Steps of Mongolia, darling, where you originally came from, although I think the Turks might have had something to say about that. (wink)

Groupies? tsk tsk.How sublime of you to assume that darling. It could go the other way, if you are not careful.

You anticipated a battle? I expected you sooner. Do you think you are up to the challenge honey? I can spar, thrust and parry with the best of them. I am deeply into Medevial history and times, so to coin the phrase:Hear the trumpets call, the lists have been posted. Let the joust begin. Lets give these boards a run for their money and shake things up. Who will capitulate first? What is the prize? I hope it is not a bottle of Palinka.....
Barak Palinka? Too much sugar, sissy drink. (oops that was way below the belt.heehehhe) This is so much fun!!!

En garde monsieur!

LillyNomad a.k.a. Freya (Norse Mythology)

[This message has been edited by Lilly (edited 09 February 2000).]
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Old 9th February 2000, 17:08
Lilly Lilly is offline
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Join Date: Jan 2000
Posts: 2,208
Lilly is on a distinguished road
Beata: This is for you.
My definition of love. I am confident you will find it one day.

Love is a slow kiss goodnight.

It is anticipation.
Love is an imperfection in yourself not bothering you. It is acceptance.
Love is passing up an opportunity because the time isn't right yet.
It is patience.
Love is a back massage that starts above the hairline and ends around the innersoles.
It is exploration.
Love is not having to say, "Let's make love", because you know what the other person wants.
It is understanding.
It is consideration.
Love is both of you remembering protection.
It is responsibility.
Love is saying the perfect phrase to make a solemn embrace dissolve into giggles.
It is humor.
Love is reviewing the damage to your living room and realizing personal effects are strewn in a clockwise pattern from the front door to the bedroom.
It is desire.
Love is seeing what your lover really looks like for the first time.
It is truth.
Love is knowing what time it is and not caring.
It is joy.
Love is the arms around you tightening their embrace.
It is ecstasy.
Love is seeing a new side of a person you thought you knew.
It is renewal.
Love is telling a person if you have to leave, you will let them sleep, and being told they would rather be awakened.
It is tenderness.
Love is waking up to find the subject of the dream you were having asleep on your shoulder.
It is where fantasy meets reality. Love is being there to wake your lover. Slowly. It is sensuousness.
Love is belatedly knowing why you bothered to buy a queen size bed three years ago.
It is practicality.
Love is two people only taking up a third of a queen size bed.
It is closeness.
Love is knowing you gave the extra set of keys to the right person.
It is trust.
Love is saying goodbye and knowing you will be back by mutual consent.
It is faith. Love is stretching your arms and discovering the real meaning of the word "sore".
It is a lesson in human frailty.
Love is opening your medicine cabinet and finding your toothpaste turned into a pretzel.
It is adaptation.
Love is sitting at the window, looking out and remembering who you were the night before.
It is reflection.
Love is hearing the weather forecast for a winter storm and wishing you could spend it in bed with your lover.
It is loneliness.
Love is stories that will never be told.
It is personal.

Love is a slow kiss goodnight......


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Old 9th February 2000, 17:43
B_Ungaro B_Ungaro is offline
Join Date: Nov 1999
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Greetings Lilly,
Just as long as you remember that when you hear the Church Bells Ring so pretty, at noon, They are ringing to commemorate the victory of the Brave Hungarians over the Turks in Belgrade. The Serbs needed help, the Hungarians came to the RESCUE. While I was still in school in Hungary, we had to write an assay on Serb Culture. One hundred words or less. First price was: one week in Belgrade. Second price was: two weeks in Belgrade. Third price was: three weeks in Belgrade. It's a good thing that my assay
was not a winner. Who writes your stuff anyway?
Nice talking to you.
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