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Which Ukranian city is best for women?

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Old 18th June 2002, 00:22
Ulysses Ulysses is offline
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You're right Jutka, but I picked the photo because of the shoes and feet...Raj has a thing for that...

Originally posted by jutka
Isn't double-d's pic kind of funny? I mean the body and the face are beautiful separately, but if you look carefully it looks like the head is a bit big for that body...
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Old 18th June 2002, 17:09
Jonathandragon Jonathandragon is offline
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Previous exchanges
"And if it does work out, believe me, that woman will be a very devoted and loving wife, a nester, a homekeeper - aren't these the
traditional values that Western men have to go overseas for?"

That kind of reasoning is sketchy at best - after all, IF the man is looking for traditional values, and the woman is not a devoted
and loving potential wife, then it wouldn't work out in the first place. How could it work out if she wasn't?"

I understand what Lubov is saying, and made a long winded posting to the subject under "Why do men get suckered in" a few weeks back. Ukrainian women (and possibly Eastern European women, I simply don't know) have a very powerful nesting instinct, and a strong sense of family. It is stronger, by far, than what one will experience in the States.

There are exceptions. There is a mean and variance to the observed behavior, of course. The "typical" woman in Ukraine finds family and a sound marriage more important than the typical woman one would in the States. Then again, my circle of Ukrainian acquaintances and friends are also not the norm.

I'm a pretty impartial observer, as I don't seek a Ukrainian wife.
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Old 11th July 2002, 04:51
Cirrucon Cirrucon is offline
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It seems to me that to argue about this topic does no good. American men BELEIVE that Russian/Ukrainian Women will make better wives and "Nester's" than American women of the same age.

Whether or not it is always true, and whether or not it is generally true, It stands to fact that most american men THINK it is the truth.

They act upon this thought truth, and seek those women. We can argue until the end of the milenia about how these women generally and specifically act at times, But we will not change the ideas and sentiments of the american male.

Many will go to find a life partner.

Some will return happy and live a long and Wonderful life.

Some will return happy and have a shortlived relationsship built on lies.

Some will return emptyhanded because it was not for them.

In any case, It is their decision, and it seems to me to be no different than a decision to go to a singles bar, or ask a woman out in the bread isle at the food store.

He is looking, and she is open to the idea, Those are the only two things mankind requires in order to start a lifelong relationship.

Hope I didn't run too long for Ya'all

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