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Peace 12th March 2002 12:36

I believe than the education and respect is essential in every person. I dont speak english and I do not drink . Thank you for his excellent grade attention: Good-bye

Steven 12th March 2002 14:11

One for the road...
Perhaps you should drink...there's nothing wrong with it!
It is not whether or not one drinks, but how much. Moderation is the key!!!

Sergey_key 3rd September 2002 12:55

Pivo i selyodka!
Nebois', prorvemsya!!!! A kstati, pochemu bi ne bahnut' kapelyushechku - edak grammulek 500-600???::))

girlfriend 3rd September 2002 14:41

500-600??? I hope you mean "na-troyih"..

Rajkumar 4th September 2002 08:08

That's great Peace!How do you do that without a drink? You mean to say you do not drink.How about water? Do you at least drink water.Interesting Peace.At least we have someone who is a "Conservationist".Hope I got that correct.

Laryska 5th September 2002 06:23

Without proper education, and perceverence one cannot succeed. If one drinks too much, one also cannot succeed. I know this because a family member of mine has a drinking problem. Over drinking to the point that one is addicted takes one into the past. One becomes lost in the past, and this is not the key to success.

Rajkumar 5th September 2002 15:20

How are you Laryska? Just posted to "DON".WEll said Laryska drinking only takes you to the past.One only lives in a world of "Fantasy" but not Reality.The next day when you wake up you face with "Reality" and the problems are still there.But when one drinks one is in a fool's paradise,believing that he is in reality.Drinking is an adulteration version of "Meditation".But sometimes when you are dissappointed in life drinking sort of gives you a moment of "Reality" though short lasting.Probably a cheap way to face reality as such.Sometimes but not at all times drinking gives a sort of power and imagination which could come to reality.It all depends on how you treat drinking as such.Don't allow drinking to rule you,ruin you but if you could control yourself with drinks you could allow it to give you dreams and fullfill it.Good Night Laryska.

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